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Sunday, 13 September 2009


Ika slept over at my place last night. It was fun! We had a long conversation about some girls stuff until 2am. We talk and talk and talk. I listened a lot to her stories (but I told mine a little only lol). I was so tired coz I spent almost the whole day outside, carboot-ing, shopping asda with ibu, then we made kuih ketayap, then we rushed over to Toryglen Community Centre for buka puasa, some ceramah also, then after terawikh, we went over to kak arifah's place for more buka puasa event. aiyo..bukan badan saje penat, perut pun penat.
We got home at 12am. Had some chit chat with Ika until 2am, then ZzZzZz..pastu bangun sahur (aku cuma makan sekeping roti je sbb kenyang lagi makan banyak sangat malam tu), pastu tido balik lepas subuh..bangun lewat.
During the day, I taught Ika how to make kuih cornflakes. We had so much fun in the kitchen today, you know sometimes it's fun to have a friend with you in the kitchen.
Kuih cornflakes kitorang menjadi tp aku rasa mcm tahun lepas punya lagi sedap.


Ashin said...

Kina kina, buat la kuih mazola :)

Kina said...

insyaAllah minggu ni sy buat :)
senang je buat kuih tu.