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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

All about the people I love.

Ibu is a great woman. She's the greatest woman I've ever known and I haven't met anyone like her yet. She's different from other women as far as I can see, she's strong, she's good at many things- cooking, cleaning, decorating, studying, gardening, engineering, history, talking, socialising with people. She taught me a lot about 'life' and how to be a 'person'. Without her, maybe I'm not as good as I am now.

Ayah is a caring father. He cares about his family so much and he sacrifices a lot for his family. Although sometimes he's a bit garang, but now when I've grown up I realized that that what taught us to be a good 'human being'. Ayah also tak kedekut, if ibu refuses to give me money, I'd ask from ayah and sure he would give me plenty :)

Abang lagi tak kedekut. He likes to spend and spend and spend. He's more close to Raihan rather than me because they have the same interests like movies, kaki cinemas, gadgets, etc. He's also a nice person, very nice, very humble, and very patient. He resembles ibu's character a lot.

Raihan has been my sister as well as my best friend since she was born. We share a lot of things, and we had never had the chance to live in a separate room (that's why we have been really close kot). She knows almost everything about me which can cause problems sometimes. We argue often, but not for long. She's a little bit childish sometimes, she said to me once 'I dont wanna grow up. I wanna stay young'

The person I'm missing the most is my Syafiq. Whenever I hear his voice, whenever I see something that reminds me of him, whenever I think about him..I smile. Sometimes I cry too..sbb rindu. I feel safe and secure whenever I'm with him. He's the most perfect guy I've ever known, and I love everything about him. He had sacrificed a lot for me, his time, his part time job, his patience...but I know he did all these things because he loved me. If there's any chance, he will be the first person I want to meet. Syafiq has made my life so beautiful more than anyone else had, and I'm in love with him :)

Hanis is my friend since I was in darjah 5 and she was in darjah 6 at that time. We went to the same school (Sek Tmn Universiti 2), and she's my neighbour in Johor Bahru. We both have two different characters; she's a hot famous girl and every boy loves to get to know her, and I am more quiet and laid back and not many people notice me, she's daring and very fashionable. But we also have some things in common, we love cats, we love dresses, we love 'lovely-lace' and we have the same taste too. She's a nice friend, she's caring, and we had shared many things too. I miss her.

Akmal is another close friend of mine. I love talking stupid and nonsense and making fun of him. He used to be the person I'd tell everything to if I had problems or was heartbroken by my ex, so he knows a lot about me and Kamarul. He's a very nice friend, he's good at advising, and he's matured too. We used to go to the same secondary school, but were in different classes. It's a shame that we didn't get the chance to meet up when I was in Malaysia.

Mr Coyle is my favourite teacher ever. I used to be in his class for 3 years, and he was like a father to me in school. He's the coolest teacher I've ever had, and he really concerns about his students. He had supported and helped me a lot in everything, and without him, I wouldn't be as good artist as I am today. When I left school, he asked me to call him Kevin because he didn't like to be called Mr or Sir, and I said to him 'once youre my teacher, forever you'll be my teacher, that's how we respect teachers in Islam..and I'll call you Mr Coyle, I dont care if you like it or not' and then he called me Miss Omara (an Irish name which means God chosen people).


Ashin said...

i love you kina..this is a really toucinh post

Kina said...

tu me manques