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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I have been abandoning you for ages already. But tonight I might just gonna get a few updates here since Syafiq said my blog is very quiet and no updates, plus I cant sleep, it's already abt 3am.

I am currently in the middle of exam week. All of my projects were already assessed, so I'm just gonna wait for my 1st paper on Sunday, the paper is about Anthropology, somethin to do with cultures, men, societies from around the world, it's kinda okay to me, well sometimes a bit boring. My next paper is on the 8th, Art History; I kinda love this one, maybe because of the lecturer and the knowledge. I got to learn arts from the pre-history until today, including Egyptian Art, Roman architecture, Renaissance paintings, Islamic art etc.

I dont know if it's okay to say this, but I kinda miss Glasgow sometimes, and I also miss Mr Coyle. I miss his support, and the way he developed me to be a good artist. I studied with him since I was 14 up till I finished school, he's the best teacher I ever had (I told him this on Teachers Day and he said 'you're sweet'). Well I dont know whether I can tell this or I should just keep it to myself coz it might gonna sound a bit rude to some people, but I think if he's here, he might be able to develop us, art students, to be more independent, more creative, more developed, and more confident with ourselves. I dont mean that the teachers/lecturers here are not as good, but maybe they need to change the syllabus, the system, and the mentality, because here the students are pressured with massive projects, and each projects carries their marks and are going to be summed up at the end of each semester. Can you Imagine I have 9 subjects this semester, and only 3s are theories and the rest are project works. I got new projects Every Week for each of the 6 practical classes, and I had to work like hell every week to produce the best projects for each subject in order to get high marks, otherwise at the end of the semester, I would screw my points. Isn't that pressuring? What if the lecturer is stingy and doesnt want to give you high marks no matter how hard you put your effort in? doesnt that make you feel kinda stressed out, fed-up, and giving-up? coz i have one lecturer yg mcm ni. sakit hati.

(ohh it's raining outside, I love when it rains)

I dont have much friends here, dont even know how to make friends, coz I cant really get along with most of them. I even fight with some of the boys. The girls? we don't talk that much. The ones I can get along with are just my roomates and some of the photography and graphic students. And Syafiq is still my loyal bestfriend, he's the one I can talk to and tell everything to, I can tell him what im unhappy about, my problems, when I got mad with my work, he even solved my fight with those boys. haha.. he's the best hero ever. I dont know what would happen if he's not here.

I havent practiced english speaking for a while coz everyone talks in Malay even the lecturers. I dunno whether my english is still good?

I'd better go hit the sack, nite2.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

my happy times and unhappy times

I feel very happy when:

- I finish my assignments on time
- it's sunny when I'm abt to dry my laundry
- I have cold drinks during a hot day
- I give presents to someone
- I speed on the road
- I score high marks on my works
- eating kfc chicken
- it's raining when I'm sleeping
- it's Saturday

I feel very unhappy when:

- I have to walk by foot from college to my faculty everyday when it's burning outside.
- my lecturers give massive amount of assignments and projects
- I'm hungry, and dont have any food and no one willing to accompany me to go to buy some food at seksyen2.
- I dont hve any choice but to use the toilets in my faculty, they really need to upgrade the toilets!
- I have to go to calligraphy class from 5-8pm every Thursday. It's my resting time, not study time.
- my maxis broadband has connection problems.
- it's Wednesday.