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Saturday, 28 February 2009


Today i know a few things:

- i'm a wacky...(this is due to a quiz i took just now, almost each answer i chose, they said i'm a wacky)
- the japanese video 'bincocular football' masih boleh buat aku ketawa terbahak2 walaupun dah tgk berulang2 kali
- i learned which one is 'izhar halqi' from the quran..before this, i only knw how to read it, but i didnt know the name
- org cina kalau mengandung tak boleh ketuk paku @ dengar paku diketuk..they believed that the child will be dumb.
- i'm getting thinner..(someone said tht aku susut and less chubby now)..honestly, aku pn rasa aku makin kurus..nape ntah...tertekan ke?
- skype tak charge aku time call kamarul tadi..selalunye dia charge.
- just today i realized that.. i'm lonely..no matter how many people there are around me..
- i learned how to draw 'seni lukisan'.. ;i need to close my eyes for 5 mins, and think about my memories, or my life, or my dreams...n then, open my eyes, and draw straightaway..then, i need to describe my drawing,,if i can describe it, then it means aku dh berjaya :)

current song : Di Persimpangan Dilema - Nora
current time: 0233
current temperature: not sure, but im sure it's damn cold
current location: my room
current mood: empty..tired..sleepy..
current wants: a flight ticket to Malaysia
current wish: i wish for success, i wish for love..and i wish i'm in Malaysia, meeting with the people i've been missing so very much, i wish i have a time machine that could turn back time or make the time faster and change something, i wish i have a lot of money and a lot of time so i can get a flight ticket whenever i want to, i wish i'm feeling warm right now both my physical and my heart, i wish the world is peaceful and safe for us to live in, no political issues, no global issues, no 'power' issues, i wish everyone is happy, i wish all my wishes will come true...

- kinashita -

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

early morning, stressed, and tension

Today i know a few things:

- aku ni lebih malas dari yg aku sangka
- facebook can make someone famous.. and i dont like to be famous
- aku dah start fed-up..bila pikir psl kerja je, dh rasa nk muntah.
- merah+biru oil paint, resultnya tak sama dgn merah+biru acrylic. result merah+biru oil paint kurang memuaskan.
- Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman time musim2 raya ada banyak jual tudung. (balik malaysia nnt aku nk pegi!)
- pakcik Taruddin, bapak Siti Nurhaliza dah meninggal sbb sakit jantung
- Loga, penyanyi Alleycats pun dah meninggal tahun 2007 dulu.
- sorg lg penyanyi Alleycats (lupa nama dia apa) dh dpt Datuk. i'm happy for him.
- aku masih simpan lg offer letter anniesland college..aku ingtkn aku dh terbuang.. sebaik..

Friday, 6 February 2009

winter buzz

This week, is the coldest week in Britain since 1995.
but thankfully, tak seteruk masa 1995 (masa tu suhu -27C!)
Ibu was here during tht time, and she said not a single human in Glasgow went out from their houses, except her..and she wondered 'where's everyone?' hah, everyone was hibernating in their homes beside the heaters.
Now, Europe dilanda ribut salji yg teruk, sampai airport London kena tutup, jalan byk tutup, sekolah pun tutup (unfortunately, the schools in Glasgow are still on).
Although the snow has been falling since last Monday, aku still takde chance nak main snow kat luar.. :(

OK, takleh tulis pnjang2
nk kena tido..

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Today, I know a few things

It's nearly 2am..I decided not to sleep yet..
coz each time I lay on my bed, my mind flew away...
thinking of so many things..
and, tonight, i dont want to think too much..i'm too tired for that

Today, I know a few things;
- I have a true friend... I havent noticed that until today..Thank you :)
- aku tak la seteruk yg aku sangka
- for the 1st time, I began to question my heart...am I strong enough to face all these from time to time? I havent found the answer yet..

and some other things that I dont want to mention.
However, I'm so thankful and relieved, for some reason.

Can't believe it's February already. I can't wait to go home, it has been like more than 4 years, and this is the 1st time i'm coming back to Malaysia; meeting with the people I've been missing so much, and the food I have been dreaming of all these years, it's going to be like a dream :)
Just a few months left Sakinah, be patient..ok?
ok, sabar2.
It's nearly 2am..I decided not to sleep yet..
coz each time I lie on my bed, my mind flew away...
thinking of so many things..
and, tonight, i decided not to think..i'm afraid, my thoughts would affect my heart...

So, i watched a few movies today..
'Get Smart', 'Witch Yoo-Hee', 'Hana Yori Dango movie', 'Someone Special'
Erm, yeah, most of them are love stories, even 'Get Smart' has its lovey part..
Come to think of it, is life is like a movie? being so easy to get what u want; either money, or love, or status or power or all of them,, being so perfect, extremely pretty, strong, tough, rich, and well-mannered,, being loved by someone who's filthy rich, good-looking, perfect, and gentle...NO. Movies are just made-up stories made by someone who's imagining a perfect-story-life. That's all. Movies are just imagined stories.

So, life is not like the ones in the movies. We're not as perfect as the movie characters. Yes, my life is not that perfect either; I only have a few space, I'm not that rich, I'm not that pretty, and I'm not that well-mannered too..
But each time I watched a movie, and the ending was like 'happily ever after' or 'yeahh finally I succeeded' or 'yeah finally we got to love each other'.....I wish I was the character..as I'd already know what the ending is..
How good would it be if I could see what's coming ahead, so that I could prepare myself to face it.