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Saturday, 28 February 2009


Today i know a few things:

- i'm a wacky...(this is due to a quiz i took just now, almost each answer i chose, they said i'm a wacky)
- the japanese video 'bincocular football' masih boleh buat aku ketawa terbahak2 walaupun dah tgk berulang2 kali
- i learned which one is 'izhar halqi' from the quran..before this, i only knw how to read it, but i didnt know the name
- org cina kalau mengandung tak boleh ketuk paku @ dengar paku diketuk..they believed that the child will be dumb.
- i'm getting thinner..(someone said tht aku susut and less chubby now)..honestly, aku pn rasa aku makin kurus..nape ntah...tertekan ke?
- skype tak charge aku time call kamarul tadi..selalunye dia charge.
- just today i realized that.. i'm lonely..no matter how many people there are around me..
- i learned how to draw 'seni lukisan'.. ;i need to close my eyes for 5 mins, and think about my memories, or my life, or my dreams...n then, open my eyes, and draw straightaway..then, i need to describe my drawing,,if i can describe it, then it means aku dh berjaya :)

current song : Di Persimpangan Dilema - Nora
current time: 0233
current temperature: not sure, but im sure it's damn cold
current location: my room
current mood: empty..tired..sleepy..
current wants: a flight ticket to Malaysia
current wish: i wish for success, i wish for love..and i wish i'm in Malaysia, meeting with the people i've been missing so very much, i wish i have a time machine that could turn back time or make the time faster and change something, i wish i have a lot of money and a lot of time so i can get a flight ticket whenever i want to, i wish i'm feeling warm right now both my physical and my heart, i wish the world is peaceful and safe for us to live in, no political issues, no global issues, no 'power' issues, i wish everyone is happy, i wish all my wishes will come true...

- kinashita -

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u dh kurus ke ?
tue la,
ckp i kurus ag..
u yg kene mkn byk2..
bkn i..
kang i ckp tut,

nanti balek la malaysia cpt2..
i xsabo nk jumpe u..