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Monday, 30 March 2009

list of exhibitions and collectors

Last night I had some thoughts
my number of exhibition is increasing from time to time
my painting collectors and buyers are also growing..
I'm afraid i'll forget some of them (I already have actually)
do I have to note them down in a diary?
actually, I should..but when? I've already forgotten some..
tonight, probably..I'll do it tonight.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Things coming up in April

2nd April : Exhibition; Holyrood Advanced Higher artworks
3rd April : Easter Break starts for 2 weeks, until the 19th.
17th or 18th April : I'm going to Dundee University to send away my portfolio (bbasya kina!)
20th April : I'm going to Manchester for Malay oral exam.

Today I received my unconditional offer letter for HND year 1 of Contemporary Art Practice at Anniesland College. Yipppeeeee!! :)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

sabarr jeee laaaa

At the moment: i'm waiting for 'my energy' to fill up...so while waiting, i dunno wht to do..so i decided to write on my blog.

Today I know a few things;

- I'm becoming more patient when it comes into some parts, however i'm getting rougher and less patient in some other parts.
- My throat is injured inside. It's been a few days, but today it's worsen. I guess I can't eat and drink much after this.
- I guess now I understand how ibu feels like whenever ayah gets moody. I never understood this one before.
- Currently I'm addicted to Rock Legends. Thanx to the person who introduced me to tht game, now I spent hours on facebook which I never did before.
- Spring is here. It's my favourite season :)

current mood: bored
current location: as usual..in my room, beside my bed.
current thoughts: I'm a little worried about some stuff. I guess i'm always worried about something :\
current wants: I want my energy to fill up quickly. why is it taking ages? and urm, i want my usual wants.
current wish: i wish i have a car. i want to go out..it's sunny outside.
current secret: none. i have no secret..i just cant be bothered to tell everything.

p/s waaargghhhh my level 24 keyboardist is stoleennnnnnnn!!! i hatttteee thisss gamee!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

kena marah

Harini aku bangun pukul 7. Alarm aku memekak pn aku wat taktau je.
Pastu kak nurul kejut, dia ckp 'tido mati ke'
then aku bangun, masuk bilik air, gosok gigi (lupa nk bwk berus gigi, so aku guna jari je haha)
pastu, aku kejut raihan yg masih ngorok atas katil. dia tak bangun2 jugak..
pastu aku biar je dia, aku g breakfast kat dapur..kak nurul dah siap breakfast.
kak nurul tanya nak mkn apa? roti ke cereal? tanpa segan silu aku ckp..nak dua2. haha
lepastu kami tinggal je raihan yg masih terbongkang atas katil..kami keluar gi carboot polmadie
jalan kaki je, tunggu bas lambat sgt (lgpun exercise pagi2 kn baik utk kesihatan)
kak nurul tanya penah tak bangun seawal ni time weekend..aku menipu sket, aku ckp 'ntah' (padahal tak penah pun haha)
harini kami 2 kali kena marah dgn org..1st, masa nak lintas jalan, kami picit button kt traffic light tu time kereta tak banyak, pastu driver yg kena berhenti tu jerit kat tingkap kereta dia 'woii, why'd yous push the button when the light is red! f**king idiots!'
tapi kami buat bodo je..tak pedulikan dia..
2nd plak, time tgh shopping kat carboot, kami gi 1 gerai ni,kak nurul tgk 1 cardigan, dia tnye seller tu brapa harga, org tu ckp '3pounds, it's brand new, the original price was 25pounds' then kak nurul tawar mintak 1.50, pastu org tu marah, dia ckp 'i told you the original price was 25, n you're asking for 1.50?? sakeeee' sambil menjeling n menggeleng2 kan kepala, kawan dia kt sebelah pun menyebok geleng2 jugak. ahh makcik tu kerek, kalau tak kasi tawar pun, takyah la nk marah2..pastu aku plak time tu tgh tgk barang2 dia yg lain, aku nampak 1 kasut warna hitam, aku ambik and try pakai (sebenarnya ni kali ke 2 aku visit gerai dia, masa mula2 pun aku try gak..tp kali ni nk try kali ke-2 sbb ingtkan nk beli) then kawan makcik yg menyebok tu ckp kt aku 'hey you should ask for a permission to try on that shoes, you put tht shoes on the ground and you'll ruin it and it'll get dirty. mind your manners, lady..you should ask for a permission before you try it' Warrgghhh bengang betol dgn makcik penyebok tu!! aku melawan balik, aku ckp, 'well, okay i'm sorry, but i've tried that on before, and that lady didnt say anything, and now suddenly you're here telling me about permissions. why are u being so *&%#@!!'
then aku dgn kak nurul blah...tak jd nak beli barang makcik2 tu. sengal.