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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

sabarr jeee laaaa

At the moment: i'm waiting for 'my energy' to fill up...so while waiting, i dunno wht to do..so i decided to write on my blog.

Today I know a few things;

- I'm becoming more patient when it comes into some parts, however i'm getting rougher and less patient in some other parts.
- My throat is injured inside. It's been a few days, but today it's worsen. I guess I can't eat and drink much after this.
- I guess now I understand how ibu feels like whenever ayah gets moody. I never understood this one before.
- Currently I'm addicted to Rock Legends. Thanx to the person who introduced me to tht game, now I spent hours on facebook which I never did before.
- Spring is here. It's my favourite season :)

current mood: bored
current location: as usual..in my room, beside my bed.
current thoughts: I'm a little worried about some stuff. I guess i'm always worried about something :\
current wants: I want my energy to fill up quickly. why is it taking ages? and urm, i want my usual wants.
current wish: i wish i have a car. i want to go out..it's sunny outside.
current secret: none. i have no secret..i just cant be bothered to tell everything.

p/s waaargghhhh my level 24 keyboardist is stoleennnnnnnn!!! i hatttteee thisss gamee!


Anonymous said...

ur wel-comel..
i taw,u ckp pasal i..

naek2 kn la level tue ek..
kte sama2 pegi concert nanti..

u,i pon nk kete gak la..
umah i nie,
sume bwk kete je..
yg xbwk,i dgn yun..
sedeyhhhhh nyeeee..


Kina said...

hehe...level i dh naik dh.
tp still x dpt kejar u lg walaupun u dh cuti 'berbattle bands' a few days..
alaaa..at least u ada motor, ok gak la
i ni..apa ada, basikal je ada
lg teruk

Anonymous said...

u sama kn i dgn u..
mmg jauh la beza nye..
u lesen pon xde,
laen la cite..
basikal je la leh bwk..
i lesen ada,
xaci tol la..