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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dean's Award Ceremony

me and ayu after the ceremony.

I attended the Dean's Award Ceremony this morning, and I received a certificate and a wee present.
Unfortunately, I think I'm screwing up this semester, I got bad marks for most of my projects and course works.
I'm gonna make sure I ll score my papers.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I always dream of becoming a successful woman, I want to have a good economy, I want to travel around the globe and see the colourful and beautiful world. I wanna visit the outer space and see the whole universe, the moon, planets, and galaxies.
I wish to be a geologist and artist at the same time, I want to have my own gallery and a successful business like a boutique or something.
I want to dive into the sea and see the world under the ocean. I wish to see the deepest part of the sea and experience a miracle.
I want to experience having many friends and be famous, like a singer. Sometimes I dream of playing a guitar or a violin in front of many audience and everyone is listening to my music.
I sometimes wish that I am kind to everyone around me and never hurt anyone, and everyone is going to love me.
I also dream to be a beautiful woman, fair skin, smooth curl hair and slim. I wish to have my wardrobe full of nice clothes and dresses and expensive heels.
I wish I have met Michael Jackson in real and been in one of his concerts.
And I want to stay young forever.