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Friday, 21 September 2012

Islamic Arts?


It's 3 am, I am taking a break from my research reading. Currently I am doing a research on Islamic Arts and I am focusing on the ancient Egyptian perfume bottles. To be honest, I never knew that perfumery began in an Islamic country until I did my research (clearly shows that I am very lack of knowledge.. duhh). The ancient Egyptian was the one who founded the art of perfumery, and it was then further developed by the Romans and Arabs. It was actually the Muslims who significantly contributed to the development of perfumery in the West.. as I read this I was like 'Wow I am impressed and very very proud to be a Muslim'.
According to one of the articles I have studied, an Italian archaeologist unearthed an enormous perfume factory that existed 4000 years ago during the Bronze Age in Cyprus, and it covers an estimated surface area of over 4,000m². Wow Wow! That was definitely a big big one!

Okay I know not everyone is interested to know about my research study, so I won't drag it long. It's just that I used to find Islamic Arts as boring and dull when I was under Prof D'Zul Haimi back in semester 2, I thought there were too much to be remembered, too many eras, too many countries, too many mosques, manuscripts, and designs that I need to get them inside my head..I think I only got a B- for his subject. And as I entered semester 5, we were told by Pn Elliza that the design theme for this semester is 'Islamic Arts' and I thought 'Oh no.. not againnn..I am going to sufferrrr the whole semester!!'. But as I got home and sit down, I know it is important for me to learn to Love Islamic Arts, I need to open my heart and open my mind and just learn.. I gotta love this because what I'll be doing this semester is for the sake of my final semester. this is for my final year project, so whether I like it or not, I have to like it!

Pn Elliza told us, '..if you are lost, please get back to the early beginning of Islam, that is our Prophet Nabi Muhammad and Mekah, from there the path will expand to the caliphs and it will expand and expand..'. Yeah I was lost and didn't exactly know what I was doing everything seems so vague..and I did what she told us..and yeah alhamdulillah I think I know what I am doing now and I'm starting to see the path..And as I did my reading I think I am starting to love Islamic Arts :) Alhamdulillah...Thank you Allah..

Here is a painting that shows King Tut is lavishing his wife Angkhesanamum with perfume.

An ancient Egyptian perfume bottle

The more recent design..


I am renting the room alone this semester, and I gotta say I'M LOVIN IT!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

June, July, August


Wah wah dah lama betul tak update blog, last update last May, nampak sangat malas nak mengarang nye. Sekarang ni tgh cuti semester, so saya kat JB at the moment, only one week left until the new semester starts, semester 5 for me. Sekejapnya dah masuk sem 5, mmg betul masa berlalu dgn pantas. Aduh malasnya nak balik Shah Alam, taknak taknak taknak!
Tinggal setahun je lagi saya di UiTM saya tau setahun tu berlalu dgn sekelip mata je sedar2 je dah nak buat degree show, hehe!

Cuti semester yg selama 2 bulan ni saya bnyak habiskan masa di Bandar Tenggara dan Mersing untuk practical training. Bandar Tenggara ni dekat dgn Skudai so senang je boleh selalu ulang alik balik rumah tapi sy lebih banyak stay di rumah makcik sy di Felda Penggeli yg sememangnya teramat dekat dgn company yg sy practical tu. I've learned a lot of new things during my training mostly tentang bridal planning, bridal dress making, design and batik. I think this is one of the best experiences I've had so far sbb macam2 benda dibuat. 6 minggu practical mmg teramat singkat bagi sy, baru nk enjoy keje dah nak habis masa nye.

Anyway I hope it is not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all Muslim readers. I hope you had one of the most beautiful raya with your family and friends. As for me, I spent most of my raya days at Muar, senang bila both parents org Muar jd dekat2 je tak berebut2 nak balik. It was a simple one but very beautiful. Tahun ni 1st time Syafiq beraya di oversea, he missed his family but at least he experienced celebrating raya in a foreign country. He'll be back soon anyways!

Below are some pictures during raya and my practical days..