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Sunday, 1 April 2012

just a random post

I am very much relieved coz Yayasan Johor had banked in their money into my account (after 1 month since the semester started). At least I wouldn't have to think 100x before I buy something anymore (I had been very greedy to myself for the past few weeks because of the very low budget I had). This really made me smile and happy the whole night regardless the very stressful day I had with my project works.

It's 2.30am and I am still awake, I am very sleepy but can't get to sleep because the weather is boiling, I feel like I wanna lay down on the floor without any mat!

I have a french class tomorrow morning, only for 2 hrs and then that will be me for the day. Then I will get myself home and sit down and continue with my drawings and projects until midnight (I really wish I could work like this!) BUT, that is just a 'wish I could'. In reality, this is what usually happens:
'I will get home and then sit down and turn on my laptop and check my facebook and emails, this will go on and on for hours and then I suddenly realize I have been wasting hours on nothing and haven't even touched my work, damn! so I will shut down my laptop and take out my sketchbook with a drawing pen ready in my hand, but suddenly my eyes start to feel heavy and sleepy and dizzy then...........zzzzzzz..........'

True story.