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Saturday, 15 December 2012

KLIA Architecture

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia.

I enjoy editing the photos I took more than doing the architecture research itself. This is something I can't deny. Above is a picture of one of the many domes inside the main terminal of KLIA. 

and another dome..

and another dome with a gigantic window.

The architecture of the airport is abstract-symbolic, the abstraction deriving from modern architecture' s idea of abstract (geometric), and the symbolism taken from Islamic tradition. The theme of the airport is "airport in the forest, forest in the airport", because it is surrounded by palm trees, and man made rain-forest is planted inside the Satellite Building garden area.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette, Seoul.

Semenjak beberapa minggu ni aku asyik rasa nak makan benda-benda yang manis dan tempting seperti baguette di atas.

Sweet tooth...

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Aku punya kereta

Tiba-tiba aku teringat satu kisah yang berlaku kalau tak silap aku awal tahun ni. Aku dan kawan sekelas aku (biarlah aku bagi nama dia A), dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah dari kelas, tiba-tiba dia cakap kat aku, 'Kina kawan kita nak tumpang kereta, dia nak pergi ****, boleh tak?' Kebetulan waktu tu aku parking dekat hotel UiTM, jadi kalau aku nak balik rumah tu, memang lalu tempat yang dia cakap nak pergi tu. Pastu aku pun cakap 'OK boleh je'. Jadi kawan si A (aku bagi nama dia B) ni jumpa kitorang dan sama2 lah kami jalan ke arah kereta aku. Si B ni tanya aku 'Kina which one is your car?' dia ni memang selalu speaking2 omputih jadi dia communicate dengan semua orang pun bahasa omputih. Aku cakap 'That one' sambil jari telunjuk aku menunjuk ke arah kereta Proton Saga biru yang lama dan tak sehandsome kereta-kereta terkini yang lain. Muka si B ni terkejut. Dia tanya 'Is this your parent's car? It looks old', sambil dia belek-belek kereta aku dari luar. 'Yes, my mum bought this car from my uncle' aku jawab sambil bukak pintu kereta tanpa mempedulikan comment dia pasal kereta aku yang dah tua ni. 'Masuklah'. Waktu tu panas yang amat terik, jadi aku suruh diorang bukak tingkap kasi haba keluar sambil aku on engine dan aircond (waktu tu aircond kereta aku tak rosak lagi haha). B tanya aku lagi 'Do you go to class with this car everyday?' sambil dia tengok-tengok interior kereta. Aku jawab 'Yeah' sambil tekan clutch, masuk gear dan tekan minyak. Tiba-tiba si B yang duduk kat seat belakang ni bersuara lagi 'Eh Kina, the engine sounds terrible, are you sure this car is safe?' 'Amboi engkau.. kawan aku yang A yang hari-hari naik kereta aku ni  pun tak pernah comment apa-apa pasal kereta ni, tapi engkau yang aku tak berapa kenal dan 1st time naik kereta ni dah comment macam-macam pulak ye!' gertak ku di dalam hati. Geram. Tapi aku diam dan cuba untuk tidak peduli dengan mulut dia. Engine kereta aku memang bergegar sikit kalau tengah berhenti contohnya macam kat traffic light, agaknya si B ni tak pernah naik kereta lama kot. Kemudian aku hanya jawab 'Yes the engine is a bit rough because this car is old, but it's safe enough '. Aku cuba untuk tidak memandang muka kawan aku yang A ni sebab aku taknak dia rasa serba salah bila kawan dia cakap macam tu. By the way aku lupa nak bagi tahu yang B tu seorang Lelaki. Kalau perempuan aku boleh terima la kalau dia cakap macam tu, tapi ini lelaki.. aduhai *tepuk dahi*.

Itu lah 1st and last aku tumpangkan dia. Sekarang pun aku dah lama tak nampak dan dengar cerita dia.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


'Respect' according to Dictionary.com means:

1. The condition of being esteemed or honored: to be held in respect.
2. To show regard or consideration for ; to respect someone's rights
3. To refrain from intruding upon or interfering with ; to respect a person's privacy
4. To relate or have reference to.

If you ask me what 'respect' is, I would say respect is the act of honoring the environment, animals, and individuals no matter who they are whether they are someone below, above or as equal as you, regardless of their gender, age and ethnics.

I've witnessed a few situations where the act of an individual indirectly shows that he/she is showing their lack of respect to the other individual/animal/environment. A few examples of a common situation in today's world :

1. A smoker who smokes in a restaurant where everybody else is trying to enjoy their food. They resemble that of uncivilized human and I consider this act as a contempt behavior to the surrounding.

2. A person who throws his or her cigarettes / plastics / worn tissues /  empty bottles out of his or her car, these rude people deserve to be thrown in the waste disposal center and never to be on the road again.

3. People who do not give their seats to the people who need them most in the bus / train. These people are insensitive, lack of respect, and actually... rude.

4. Drivers who don't stop their cars when they see a pedestrian trying to cross the road at the zebra crossing. Don't they know the law or are they just being selfish? 

5. A person who is too proud of him or herself / always look down to others in many ways, such as the difference in education level / job status / financial status / gender / age level / ethnic groups etc. These people are super ego and think themselves as the greatest human ever existed and everybody else is always low.

6. A lecturer who doesn't give a damn about a student's individuality in producing own works ( especially in the area of design / literature / music / arts) They don't 'guide', but tells you what to do / what not to do because they wanna see the output the way they wanna see it. They don't respect the student's creativity and individuality. In the end everyone will produce almost the same style of works.

It is necessary to look in detail at all the littlest things that we might have gone unnoticed because they are all now have become common things that happen everyday. This post is not intended to offend anyone in any ways, it is just something that we can think about. Let us just remind each other. Peace!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kak Shahida's wedding day

Last week was my cousin's wedding day, Kak Shahida. The location was at TTDI, Damansara. The most touching, scariest and 'nervousest' moment was during the akad nikah, sebab masa tu la ibu dan ayah si perempuan akan melepaskan anak nya kepada seorang lelaki yg total stranger, dan semua tanggungjawab akan terletak di bahu lelaki yg sebelum ni tiada kaitan langsung dgn keluarga ni... takot!

The ugliest picture is from my camera, the rest dri camera photographer, Ashraf Rafdzi.

Congratulations kak Shahida n Abg Nashrik!

Syafiq's convocation day

Syafiq is finally back after 5 months of being away to NZ for working holiday! He got back almost 1 month already but the mood to write on my blog was not there until tonight. 2 days after his arrival was his convocation day! Woohoo! My sister accompanied me to Uniten, just the moment we arrived at Uniten's main entrance, we figured out that outsiders re not allowed to park inside. So we had to park outside the gate and walk by foot to the hall for more than 500meters, and I was wearing heels -_-! But that did not put off my excitement for the day, I was extremely excited and could not wait to see Syafiq in his convocation robe. I am a proud girlfriend!

Something funny happened later when we were about to go home, his car battery was dead flat because of his carelessness to turn off the front light haha. We were all drenched up because of the rain, we pushed the car few times trying to turn on the engine but was useless.

Finally the university helping unit rescued us :p Haha

It was the best convocation day ever! haha

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

counting days

Syafiq is coming home soon... so soon. I can't stop looking at the calendar everyday. Counting days seem so slow you know.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Islamic Arts?


It's 3 am, I am taking a break from my research reading. Currently I am doing a research on Islamic Arts and I am focusing on the ancient Egyptian perfume bottles. To be honest, I never knew that perfumery began in an Islamic country until I did my research (clearly shows that I am very lack of knowledge.. duhh). The ancient Egyptian was the one who founded the art of perfumery, and it was then further developed by the Romans and Arabs. It was actually the Muslims who significantly contributed to the development of perfumery in the West.. as I read this I was like 'Wow I am impressed and very very proud to be a Muslim'.
According to one of the articles I have studied, an Italian archaeologist unearthed an enormous perfume factory that existed 4000 years ago during the Bronze Age in Cyprus, and it covers an estimated surface area of over 4,000m². Wow Wow! That was definitely a big big one!

Okay I know not everyone is interested to know about my research study, so I won't drag it long. It's just that I used to find Islamic Arts as boring and dull when I was under Prof D'Zul Haimi back in semester 2, I thought there were too much to be remembered, too many eras, too many countries, too many mosques, manuscripts, and designs that I need to get them inside my head..I think I only got a B- for his subject. And as I entered semester 5, we were told by Pn Elliza that the design theme for this semester is 'Islamic Arts' and I thought 'Oh no.. not againnn..I am going to sufferrrr the whole semester!!'. But as I got home and sit down, I know it is important for me to learn to Love Islamic Arts, I need to open my heart and open my mind and just learn.. I gotta love this because what I'll be doing this semester is for the sake of my final semester. this is for my final year project, so whether I like it or not, I have to like it!

Pn Elliza told us, '..if you are lost, please get back to the early beginning of Islam, that is our Prophet Nabi Muhammad and Mekah, from there the path will expand to the caliphs and it will expand and expand..'. Yeah I was lost and didn't exactly know what I was doing everything seems so vague..and I did what she told us..and yeah alhamdulillah I think I know what I am doing now and I'm starting to see the path..And as I did my reading I think I am starting to love Islamic Arts :) Alhamdulillah...Thank you Allah..

Here is a painting that shows King Tut is lavishing his wife Angkhesanamum with perfume.

An ancient Egyptian perfume bottle

The more recent design..


I am renting the room alone this semester, and I gotta say I'M LOVIN IT!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

June, July, August


Wah wah dah lama betul tak update blog, last update last May, nampak sangat malas nak mengarang nye. Sekarang ni tgh cuti semester, so saya kat JB at the moment, only one week left until the new semester starts, semester 5 for me. Sekejapnya dah masuk sem 5, mmg betul masa berlalu dgn pantas. Aduh malasnya nak balik Shah Alam, taknak taknak taknak!
Tinggal setahun je lagi saya di UiTM saya tau setahun tu berlalu dgn sekelip mata je sedar2 je dah nak buat degree show, hehe!

Cuti semester yg selama 2 bulan ni saya bnyak habiskan masa di Bandar Tenggara dan Mersing untuk practical training. Bandar Tenggara ni dekat dgn Skudai so senang je boleh selalu ulang alik balik rumah tapi sy lebih banyak stay di rumah makcik sy di Felda Penggeli yg sememangnya teramat dekat dgn company yg sy practical tu. I've learned a lot of new things during my training mostly tentang bridal planning, bridal dress making, design and batik. I think this is one of the best experiences I've had so far sbb macam2 benda dibuat. 6 minggu practical mmg teramat singkat bagi sy, baru nk enjoy keje dah nak habis masa nye.

Anyway I hope it is not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all Muslim readers. I hope you had one of the most beautiful raya with your family and friends. As for me, I spent most of my raya days at Muar, senang bila both parents org Muar jd dekat2 je tak berebut2 nak balik. It was a simple one but very beautiful. Tahun ni 1st time Syafiq beraya di oversea, he missed his family but at least he experienced celebrating raya in a foreign country. He'll be back soon anyways!

Below are some pictures during raya and my practical days..

Friday, 25 May 2012


Syafiq is leaving for New Zealand soon and will not be back for a couple of months. I hope he will manage a good life over there so I don't have to worry very much. I am sure I am gonna be lonely (very) while he's away, but above all, all I want is for him to be safe and that he will enjoy his time over there.

There's only a few weeks left until end of this semester, how time flies! This semester has been the best so far, I enjoyed it a lot but works have had their ups and downs, so I cannot predict whether my pointer will be good or bad this time but just let's pray it's goin to be a good one hehe.

Oh btw it's 5.30am and I still cannot sleep, my sleeping routine is in a total mess right now, I often sleep after 3am, or sometimes after 5am, or sometimes no sleep at all! It's the work load that stops me from having a normal sleeping routine, forces me to stay up and work and work and work. Tonight I actually tried to sleep early (before 3am) but I couldn't. I lay down for like 1 hour and still not working. Haiya..

OK now I can hear the azan subuh already...time to go!
Hey it's Saturday, Saturday is a happy day. Happy Saturday guys! :-)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

just a random post

I am very much relieved coz Yayasan Johor had banked in their money into my account (after 1 month since the semester started). At least I wouldn't have to think 100x before I buy something anymore (I had been very greedy to myself for the past few weeks because of the very low budget I had). This really made me smile and happy the whole night regardless the very stressful day I had with my project works.

It's 2.30am and I am still awake, I am very sleepy but can't get to sleep because the weather is boiling, I feel like I wanna lay down on the floor without any mat!

I have a french class tomorrow morning, only for 2 hrs and then that will be me for the day. Then I will get myself home and sit down and continue with my drawings and projects until midnight (I really wish I could work like this!) BUT, that is just a 'wish I could'. In reality, this is what usually happens:
'I will get home and then sit down and turn on my laptop and check my facebook and emails, this will go on and on for hours and then I suddenly realize I have been wasting hours on nothing and haven't even touched my work, damn! so I will shut down my laptop and take out my sketchbook with a drawing pen ready in my hand, but suddenly my eyes start to feel heavy and sleepy and dizzy then...........zzzzzzz..........'

True story.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

2nd week update.

I haven't updated my blog for awhile. I've been extremely busy with my uni. It's the 2nd week of my 4th semester, but I feel like I'm on my final week! I canceled all activities for the weekend, so basically there is no weekend for me. I was supposed to help syafiq with his wedding photo tomorrow, but due to my vast amount of assignments I had to cancel everything.

I spent RM75 for stupid photo printing today, my lecturer forced me to do so. She gave me tremendous amount of nonsense work to do in a week time which leads me to think that she is selfish and stupid to let her students to spend large amount of money on stupid printing; but thinking of how 'she' can affect my cgpa at the end of the semester, I thought just do whatever she tells me to do, as long as I ll get an A for her subject coz it's a 4 credit hour subject.
I spent hours cutting off all the printed pictures, there's about 100 sheets of paper, I nearly puked, seriously, no kidding. Still got half of them to be cut I am gonna continue tomorrow.
It's 3.45am at the moment, my head is spinning and I am getting sleepy. I hope I can get up early tomorrow so that I can start to continue my work early.

My resolution for this semester is not to procrastinate my works. Up till now I still keep my word. Hope it will lasts. Wish me luck.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

I am back in Shah Alam

I am now back in Shah Alam, I got back yesterday, my parents sent me and raihan from JB like usual. I have a new roommate for this semester, Nadia, she's my classmate, one of the best students in class. I am happy to have her living with me, at least I have a friend to do assignments together with and I will not feel lonely anymore.

I did a little 'food' shopping with my sister just now, and then went straight home. I should be using a car this 4th semester, but due to some circumstances, my sister will be using the car for a few days. By the way, I slept all day today, didn't know what to do. I was alone with Zira in the house, really had nothing to do. Nadia didn't arrive until late at night.

I don't know whether I will be able to sleep tonight.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The last time I heard any songs by McFly was 2-3 years ago in Glasgow. McFly is a boy band and was well-known in the UK around 2004-2008. I think they were only famous in the UK not more than that. So let me introduce you a few videos that used to be my favourite songs (this also helps to refresh my memories a bit)

this one is my no1 favourite. the rest are so-so.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

semester break

4th semester is getting really close. I got my results already and I am so happy that my cgpa is getting better and that all my hard work throughout the semester has been paid off. I spent my holiday at home with my parents and the cats, and I went to Korea for 2 weeks under Global Outreach Programme, UTM. It was a good holiday. But the weather was terrible, everyday was like below 0C, and many people got sick because of the extreme weather.

I don't want to go back to UiTM.. Dato' Sahol, please extend the holiday for another 1 week.. please :(

Friday, 27 January 2012


Anger is never just anger. Anger is a cover up for fear, hurt, or disappointment. I literally made myself sick over it. The ironic thing about anger is that the joke is on the angry person. When you're angry, it hurts you more because you have to spend your precious time and energy holding on to negative energy. Sadly, that negative energy often blocks the positive energy from coming into your life. So let it go so that you can let that positive light in.

Friday, 20 January 2012


I am on holiday now :) It feels so so so so good when I can sleep early at night and wake up whenever I wanna do so without having to worry about anything. And I can go out and have fun and do anything as I please without having to think about assignments and projects. Now this is what they called the pleasures of life. haha. OK till then, Bye!

Friday, 13 January 2012

syafiq dah habis degree yeay!

Syafiq and his thesis prior submition :)

I am very very happy because syafiq is now done with his bachelor degree and soon to become a 'working man', rasa macam tak percaya pun ada :) For the time being he is free, tapi rasa macam aku pulak yg free sbb boleh kacau2 dia anytime I wanna do so, padahal kerja menimbun lagi ni.. hehe..

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Assalamualaikum everyone..

Alhamdulillah, it's a brand new day, let's hope today is going to be bettter than yesterday. I stayed up last night working on my shoe sketches. I've done 9 sketches, still have 21 more pieces. Although it's too much but I'm trying to enjoy and think of it as a part of my drawing hobby instead of seeing it as a final project :D Everyone is very busy with their finals. I can see my course-mates, housemates, and friends, all working very hard to get their finals done. Syafiq is busy with his thesis final touch up. Just a little bit more, then he'll be graduating, yeay! I can't believe Syafiq, the guy I knew 2, 3 years ago who was very playful and jumpy-jumpy and now he's graduating. He told me that he's quite sad to think that he'll be graduating soon, but I can't help myself from being so happy! I think I am happier than he does haha :)

Well I wanna share my new experience yesterday. I went to Puncak Alam with Jes, Yin, and Shikin to get a bekam treatment. It was my first experience, I was really excited and nervous. My sister recommended me about this treatment because she said she did it and it worked for her, and it's very cheap only RM5 per cup. So I thought, why don't just give it a try? So I asked some of my friends to go. We made our way to Puncak Alam right after I finished my Psychology paper. The bekam treatment took place in a private home, done by Ustazah Fadilah. First, she looked up at our palms, and she pointed out the problems she could see from each person's body. Then we start to do our treatment, it was painless, but the process took so little time, only 5 minutes. I would have done it longer if I were to do it myself. The blood sucked into the cup were so little. When I got home, I did some research about bekam on the internet (I should have done it earlier but I was too busy with my psychology notes). Everyone did it like 1 hour and the sucked blood filled almost half of the cup. Tak apa lah utk 1st time experience suck blood sikit2 dulu lah, lepasni boleh cari tempat rawatan bekam yang lebih baik. Baru lah aku tahu rupanya bekam is a part of sunah nabi, malaikat sendiri yang mengajar nabi cara2 untuk berbekam. Bekam boleh menyembuhkan pelbagai penyakit termasuk rabun, resdung, gout, stroke, kencing manis, senggugut dan banyak lagi.

"Barangsiapa berbekam pasti mendapat rahmat dari Allah SWT"
(Riwayat Ahmad dan Tabrani dari Samurah r.a)

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Tomorrow is my last paper for this semester, psychology.. 3 projects are still waiting to be completed. I really hope everything will go smoothly. Ya Allah permudahkanlah segala urusanku.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

What's wrong with me???

I dunno what's happening to me, I seem to be playing so much during these crucial weeks, I find it too difficult to focus on my works! I spend hours on Facebook, movies, and TV, but it's too difficult to focus on my projects for even 5 minutes! Dang! This is worrying me and makes me so stressful. I dunno why? why? why? I even thought of hiring someone to finish off all my final projects! This is crazy.

I'm dead meat +_+