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Sunday, 8 January 2012


Assalamualaikum everyone..

Alhamdulillah, it's a brand new day, let's hope today is going to be bettter than yesterday. I stayed up last night working on my shoe sketches. I've done 9 sketches, still have 21 more pieces. Although it's too much but I'm trying to enjoy and think of it as a part of my drawing hobby instead of seeing it as a final project :D Everyone is very busy with their finals. I can see my course-mates, housemates, and friends, all working very hard to get their finals done. Syafiq is busy with his thesis final touch up. Just a little bit more, then he'll be graduating, yeay! I can't believe Syafiq, the guy I knew 2, 3 years ago who was very playful and jumpy-jumpy and now he's graduating. He told me that he's quite sad to think that he'll be graduating soon, but I can't help myself from being so happy! I think I am happier than he does haha :)

Well I wanna share my new experience yesterday. I went to Puncak Alam with Jes, Yin, and Shikin to get a bekam treatment. It was my first experience, I was really excited and nervous. My sister recommended me about this treatment because she said she did it and it worked for her, and it's very cheap only RM5 per cup. So I thought, why don't just give it a try? So I asked some of my friends to go. We made our way to Puncak Alam right after I finished my Psychology paper. The bekam treatment took place in a private home, done by Ustazah Fadilah. First, she looked up at our palms, and she pointed out the problems she could see from each person's body. Then we start to do our treatment, it was painless, but the process took so little time, only 5 minutes. I would have done it longer if I were to do it myself. The blood sucked into the cup were so little. When I got home, I did some research about bekam on the internet (I should have done it earlier but I was too busy with my psychology notes). Everyone did it like 1 hour and the sucked blood filled almost half of the cup. Tak apa lah utk 1st time experience suck blood sikit2 dulu lah, lepasni boleh cari tempat rawatan bekam yang lebih baik. Baru lah aku tahu rupanya bekam is a part of sunah nabi, malaikat sendiri yang mengajar nabi cara2 untuk berbekam. Bekam boleh menyembuhkan pelbagai penyakit termasuk rabun, resdung, gout, stroke, kencing manis, senggugut dan banyak lagi.

"Barangsiapa berbekam pasti mendapat rahmat dari Allah SWT"
(Riwayat Ahmad dan Tabrani dari Samurah r.a)


Anonymous said...

wah, nanti nak cuba lah!

Kina said...

cuba lah.. mmg sgt bagus