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Thursday, 29 November 2012


'Respect' according to Dictionary.com means:

1. The condition of being esteemed or honored: to be held in respect.
2. To show regard or consideration for ; to respect someone's rights
3. To refrain from intruding upon or interfering with ; to respect a person's privacy
4. To relate or have reference to.

If you ask me what 'respect' is, I would say respect is the act of honoring the environment, animals, and individuals no matter who they are whether they are someone below, above or as equal as you, regardless of their gender, age and ethnics.

I've witnessed a few situations where the act of an individual indirectly shows that he/she is showing their lack of respect to the other individual/animal/environment. A few examples of a common situation in today's world :

1. A smoker who smokes in a restaurant where everybody else is trying to enjoy their food. They resemble that of uncivilized human and I consider this act as a contempt behavior to the surrounding.

2. A person who throws his or her cigarettes / plastics / worn tissues /  empty bottles out of his or her car, these rude people deserve to be thrown in the waste disposal center and never to be on the road again.

3. People who do not give their seats to the people who need them most in the bus / train. These people are insensitive, lack of respect, and actually... rude.

4. Drivers who don't stop their cars when they see a pedestrian trying to cross the road at the zebra crossing. Don't they know the law or are they just being selfish? 

5. A person who is too proud of him or herself / always look down to others in many ways, such as the difference in education level / job status / financial status / gender / age level / ethnic groups etc. These people are super ego and think themselves as the greatest human ever existed and everybody else is always low.

6. A lecturer who doesn't give a damn about a student's individuality in producing own works ( especially in the area of design / literature / music / arts) They don't 'guide', but tells you what to do / what not to do because they wanna see the output the way they wanna see it. They don't respect the student's creativity and individuality. In the end everyone will produce almost the same style of works.

It is necessary to look in detail at all the littlest things that we might have gone unnoticed because they are all now have become common things that happen everyday. This post is not intended to offend anyone in any ways, it is just something that we can think about. Let us just remind each other. Peace!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kak Shahida's wedding day

Last week was my cousin's wedding day, Kak Shahida. The location was at TTDI, Damansara. The most touching, scariest and 'nervousest' moment was during the akad nikah, sebab masa tu la ibu dan ayah si perempuan akan melepaskan anak nya kepada seorang lelaki yg total stranger, dan semua tanggungjawab akan terletak di bahu lelaki yg sebelum ni tiada kaitan langsung dgn keluarga ni... takot!

The ugliest picture is from my camera, the rest dri camera photographer, Ashraf Rafdzi.

Congratulations kak Shahida n Abg Nashrik!

Syafiq's convocation day

Syafiq is finally back after 5 months of being away to NZ for working holiday! He got back almost 1 month already but the mood to write on my blog was not there until tonight. 2 days after his arrival was his convocation day! Woohoo! My sister accompanied me to Uniten, just the moment we arrived at Uniten's main entrance, we figured out that outsiders re not allowed to park inside. So we had to park outside the gate and walk by foot to the hall for more than 500meters, and I was wearing heels -_-! But that did not put off my excitement for the day, I was extremely excited and could not wait to see Syafiq in his convocation robe. I am a proud girlfriend!

Something funny happened later when we were about to go home, his car battery was dead flat because of his carelessness to turn off the front light haha. We were all drenched up because of the rain, we pushed the car few times trying to turn on the engine but was useless.

Finally the university helping unit rescued us :p Haha

It was the best convocation day ever! haha