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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Syafiq's convocation day

Syafiq is finally back after 5 months of being away to NZ for working holiday! He got back almost 1 month already but the mood to write on my blog was not there until tonight. 2 days after his arrival was his convocation day! Woohoo! My sister accompanied me to Uniten, just the moment we arrived at Uniten's main entrance, we figured out that outsiders re not allowed to park inside. So we had to park outside the gate and walk by foot to the hall for more than 500meters, and I was wearing heels -_-! But that did not put off my excitement for the day, I was extremely excited and could not wait to see Syafiq in his convocation robe. I am a proud girlfriend!

Something funny happened later when we were about to go home, his car battery was dead flat because of his carelessness to turn off the front light haha. We were all drenched up because of the rain, we pushed the car few times trying to turn on the engine but was useless.

Finally the university helping unit rescued us :p Haha

It was the best convocation day ever! haha

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Anonymous said...

It was more than 500m la. fail estimate jarak awk ni. haha -raihan