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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope I will earn a lot of money this year, I wanna go travelling again.

It's 3.40am, no wonder my eyes are gettin so heavy. Goodnight.

p/s my housemate said I look slimmer, seems like my diet is working! yeay! I replace rice with something else like bread, potatoes and a lot of vegetables and fruits, I'm gonna keep this up and continue with my weekly exercises :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Students are always poor. Please give me money. I promise I will get a better CGPA.


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

You know how it feels, when you are away from your family, away from your hometown, away from your loved ones.. you are alone, surrounded by the things that don't please you.. things that burden you, you feel like you want to run away, away from this mess, away from this stressful surrounding, you just want to be relax and have fun, you want to have leisure with all the people you love... well yeah, so... WHEN IS THIS MESS GOING TO ENDDDDD?!!!

I miss her.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

study week is on, but there are too many projects to be completed within these 2 weeks.

p/s I had a really great birthday this year, spent my time with my loved ones :)

But got no pictures with my family though :(

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Another 2 or 3 weeks left until final. Can someone please slap me in the face and tell me that I really need to pull my socks up and target a better CGPA?

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rasa teringin nak berubah menjadi seseorang yg lebih baik..terutamanya dari segi pertuturan kata, kelakuan dan hati..
tak dinafikan hasutan syaitan itu sangat lah dahsyat..

Monday, 21 November 2011

Thursday, 17 November 2011

I miss Holyrood

It has been 2 years since I left Glasgow but I feel like just like a month ago I spent my time in my room arranging my stuff to make it cozier since winter was approaching, and I still remember how I always looked forward to buy the 70p hot chocolate and 1pound pasta bake from the college's cafe during lunch. I had always wished the canteen helper would get me the pasta with the most cheese on top of it (it was actually the main reason that drove me to go to college everyday!)

And whenever I close my eyes, I can still see clearly Holyrood main entrance with the big cross at the foyer with Jesus on it, I still remember the face of the school janitor- he had a weird blonde hair, blue eyes, red skin, whom I barely see the smile on his face. Then I still can imagine myself walking up the stairs passing the school office and turn left and heading to the Art Department, passing Mrs Millmore's class which used to be my Maths class in 5th year, and that's where I always used to bumped into Mr Coyle who always wear smart, black, fit suit, I still remember his red hands with a silver bracelet. He always greet me and say "Adi! I will be back in 5 minutes" and he did.

And when I enter my art class, the room is quiet. I can see Amina busy doing her folio at the big table, and Magda the Polish girl is sitting quietly at her desk doing her drawing. I walk towards Amina and whenever she sees me she would greet "Oh, Hye Adi!" with a bright smile on her face.

The first time I met Amina was in Mr Chalmers' Geography class, she was new in school and Mr Chalmers gave her a seat next to me. I asked her whats her name, and then she asked mine. Years later she told me "you know, the first time I saw you, I thought you were chinese, haha!". Amina was my classmate since we were in 3rd year until 6th year in Holyrood, then we attended the same college and were in the same class too! I miss her a lot.. I contacted Mr Coyle few days back, and he told me that Amina is married and she is very happy. I am so happy for her :)

Me and Mr Coyle taking picture with my 6th year Advanced Higher Art portfolio before it was sent to the exam board (SQA). And that was a success, it brought me to be listed as one of the 12 top Advanced Higher artists in Scotland, my works came up at the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) 'Inspirational Artworks' catalogue, my paintings were exhibited at the Scotland National Art Gallery in Edinburgh, the Scottish Parliament kept one of my paintings to be displayed in their building, and I was awarded as the best art student in Holyrood! Woohoo!
Mr Coyle and Mrs Mack never fail to come to my every exhibitions in Glasgow. They always tell me that they are proud of me.

I miss you, sir. Thank you for all the encouragement and support you gave me all these while.

Me and Amina in college. It was Ramadhan, and we spent our lunch time taking pictures in class :)

Magda, me, and Amina during our 6th year. See how lovely our class is :)

I miss Glasgow, I miss school. I even remember the smell of Holyrood to be honest. I miss the undivided support given by teachers, the encouragement they gave me that leads me to be a brilliant student. It is totally different here in UiTM, I am left all alone with no one giving me encouragement and support, some people even tried to pull me down when they see me performed better, including one or two of the lecturers! Here, people is full of jealousy and hatred. I am all alone to encourage and motivate myself, it was Mr Coyle's and Mrs Mack's words that I kept in my heart and make me stand till today.

OK enough of the memories, and back to the real world. My footwear research has been idled for hours! Time to get back to work.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

It's 4am tp aku still awake. Aku bru lps buat toy product utk sbject textile tp tak siap lagi baru half way done. aku tension to the max sbb kerja nya tak menjadi lg walaupun aku dh 3 kali repair. project ni kena submit in a few days and honestly aku tgh kalut ni, ni baru satu, project lain tak sentuh lagi..aaaaarrrghh tensiii.... seriously a great level of patience is highly required at the moment. aku rasa mcm taknak balik shah alam nak stay kat JB sampai habis sem, please?

aku dah ngantuk tahap gaban and dh beberapa kali jari aku tercucuk jarum wktu menjahit td.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


My design proposals for textile got rejected by Puan Eliza today. I need to redesign them and see her again tomorrow afternoon.
She rejected my storyboard for the 1st project twice. Storyboard ke tiga baru dia proceed.

Sometimes lecturers are confusing, harini cakap lain, the next time cakap lain.
And some lecturers demand us to design how they want it to be designed, not how we- the designer, want it to be. Do you get what I mean? Basically we design things 'for the lecturer', not how we really want the designs to be. So we can't explore our own creativity, we need to follow the lecturer's 'style' and their own 'ideas'. Isn't this funny?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I had my French quizes yesterday, more French quiz on Friday.
BEL presentation is done! I think I did okay but I am not 100% satisfied. I asked my lecturer and he said that I need more vocab. haha!
I have another presentation on Ethnic Relations tomorrow, and I need to show my textile project progress the day after.
Very busy.
I can't wait till Raya Haji to go back to Muar and then JB. I miss my family and my cats <3

Thursday, 27 October 2011

So what did I come up with for my Diwali off-day?

I went to Broga Hill! Haha. It was a good plan though, good activity to be done instead of going for movies aye? Broga Hill is located in Semenyih, it's next to Gunung TokWan. The view from the hill was superb! The sky was blue, the birds chirp, the wind blows, surrounded by green fields, the weather was good when we arrived, somehow I felt like I was back in Scotland! I got exhausted, and both of my legs were strained, but I really enjoyed my day. It rained when we were setting off down the hill, the soils grew slippery and dangerous. Luckily there was no thunderstorm. Everyone was completely wet and cold. (Sorry I haven't got any pictures with me cause all photos were taken by Mr Ashin)

The last time I went climbing was 2 years ago in Isle of Skye, Scotland, we climbed the Old Man of Storr with my brother, Zaim, and Syafiq. We climbed just half way the mountain and after we break at the 1st stop (the view was magnificent!) we went down again. We weren't prepared and it was unplanned, we were wearing jeans, and only brought a half-filled bottle water for the 4 of us. But it was a good one because of the fantastic view, beautiful mountains and lochs. If you happen to visit the UK, you should go to Scotland and visit Isle of Skye. It's one of the must-go places around Britain.

Us, at the 1st stop of the Old Man of Storr

Old Man of Storr. The height of the standing stone is the same height of 14 double-Decker buses.

Beautiful isn't it? :)

Oh Btw, I've received my allowance for this semester, yippeeee! :D

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


It's Diwali tomorrow, so in other words, it's holiday tomorrow. Uitm only gives us one day holiday while other universities provide 1 week holiday. Is it fair? NO.

So what's your plan for tomorrow? Currently I haven't got any plans yet, but I am planning to plan something. I have to submit a planned textile project on the day after tomorrow, and I still haven't planned and prepared anything, yet I am planning to have plans for tomorrow! Haha! Do you understand what I am saying? -_-!

It's the 2nd month of my 3rd semester, but I still have not received my allowance from Yayasan. I don't spend very much and I am trying to save as much as I can. I am also thinking how to make money while studying, the smart way of making money without having to spend so much time, do you perhaps have any suggestions?

I'm sleepy. Bye

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mokpo Korea Polytechnic

Mokpo is located in the southern part of South Korea. It's a small town surrounded by hilly areas, very peaceful and quiet compared to Seoul. We traveled from Seoul to Mokpo by Korail high-speed bullet train. When we arrived at Mokpo Station, we were welcomed by the dean of Mokpo Korea Polytechnic, whos my mum's old friend, and his assistant, Miss Choo. OK dipendekkan cerita kitorang terus pergi ke polytechnic tersebut utk melawat. so here goes some photos:

They served us with rice porridge for breakfast. 1 basin of porridge for each person.

Lunch. With my mum, sister and the dean of Mokpo Polytechnic. He's my mum's old friend.

Everyone say Kimchi!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Please, cherish your loved ones truthfully. Appreciate them while you can.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

brief update

Hello guysss!!

I am now back in Shah Alam. Korea trip was awesome!!! We had a really really great time ever, and it has become one of my unforgettable memories. We traveled to the whole South Korea from North to South, East to West. From Hanyang University, to Dongguk University, Hyundai Heavy Industries to Korean Air Manufacturing, and to Mokpo Korea Polytechinc and we were given the chance to sail on the luxury Catanamaran Sailing for 1 hour for free!

the Catanamaran Yacht looks exactly like this

heading to Gyeongju, a very long long waltk passing through the countryside

Nami Island

beautiful korea

family portrait

10days trip was not enough, and I felt like I didn't want to come back to KL, I wanna spend more time there, more travel and more shopping.

So now new semester is on, i am currently in my 3rd semester. I am taking Footwear Design for my minor subject, and I am so excited to design my own shoes making me feel like as if I am Jimmy Choo.

I've moved to a new apartment, and it's a lot better than my previous house. I am staying with Syafiq's ex-schoolmate, thanks to him, he's the one who told me about this apartment.

Sorry for the very brief update and very few photos, more pictures can be seen on my facebook. Till then, Bye!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


My flight to Seoul is tomorrow night. I'll be back on 12th Sept and head straight to UiTM.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


I am currently working as a sales assistant in a bundle shop in U Mall. The pay is little but I don't mind. My mind is opened WIDER cause I get to know people with different backgrounds; yang miskin, yang pekerja buruh, yang kaya, sikap org melayu bila bershopping, sikap org cina, org bangladesh, org indonesia pulak.. mcm2 lg. The world is very interesting indeed.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Happy Fasting

It's the 11th day of Ramadhan. This is the best Ramadhan I ever had honestly. I wish you guys happy fasting, may the blessings of Allah be upon you.


p/s dah 11 hari puasa ni, aku takda pergi satu bazaar ramadhan pun lagi. incredible kan? kan? kan? :p

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


My heart is feeling heavy.. very heavy.

dunno how much longer I will have to handle it.

Friday, 15 July 2011

kelebihan bulan sya'ban dan malam nisfu sya'ban

Abdullah b Yusuf menyampaikan kepada kami, dari Malik, dari Abi An-Nadr, dari Abi Salamah, dari Aisyah ra. dia berkata (bermaksud), “Adalah Rasulullah saw berpuasa sehingga kami mengatakan dia tidak berbuka. Dia saw berbuka sehingga kami mengatakan dia tidak berpuasa. Aku tidak pernah melihat Nabi saw berpuasa penuh satu bulan melainkan (dalam bulan) Ramadan. Aku tidak pernah melihat dia saw berpuasa lebih banyak selain dari bulan Syaaban” (Hadis Sahih No. 1969 riwayat Imam Al-Bukhari).

Dari At-Tarmizi dengan sanad-sanadnya dari Anas ra. dia berkata, “Nabi saw ditanya apakah bulan selepas Ramadan yang terafdhal berpuasa”. Nabi saw menjawab bermaksud, “Bulan Syaaban kerana untuk mengagungkan Ramadan”. Nabi saw ditanya lagi, “Sedekah apakah yang terafdhal?”. Nabi saw menjawab, “Sedekah dibulan Ramadan”. Kata At-Tarmizi, hadis ini hadis Hasan Sahih.

15 Sya’aban jatuh pada 17 Julai 2011 (Ahad)

Abu Mikmar menyampaikan kepada kami dari Abdul Warith, dari Abu At-Tayyah, dari Abu Uthman, dari Abu Hurairah ra. berkata (bahawa) kekasihku (Nabi saw) telah mewasiatkan kepadaku 3 perkara (iaitu) puasa 3 hari setiap bulan (13, 14 dan 15hb), 2 rakaat Dhuha dan Solat Witir sebelum aku tidur”. (Hadis Sahih No. 60 riwayat Imam Al-Bukhari).

Jadi malam Nisfu Sya’ban adalah pada hari Sabtu 16 Julai 2011 (bermula terbenamnya matahari)

Dari Ibnu Majah dari Ali ra. dari Nabi saw bersabda bermaksud, “Apabila tiba malam Nisfu Syaaban, lalu berqiyamullail pada malamnya, dan berpuasa di siangnya, maka sesungguhnya Allah swt turun ke langit dunia ketika matahari terbenam dan berfirman, “Adakah disana orang yang memohon keampunan, lalu Aku mengampunkan dia ? Adakah di sana orang yang memohon rezeki, lalu Aku memberi dia rezeki ? Adakah di sana orang yang di beri ujian bala bencana, lalu Aku menyejahterakan dia ? Adakah di sana … adakah di sana … ? sehingga terbit fajar”.

Abdullah bin Maslamah menyampaikaan kepada aku dari Malik, dari Ibnu Syihab, dari Abi Salamah dan ayahku Abdullah Al-Agharry, dari Abu Hurairah ra sesungguhnya Rasulullah saw bersabda (bermaksud) “Tuhanku tabaaraka wa taala turun ke langit dunia setiap malam bila tinggal 1/3 akhir malam dan berfirman: Mana orang yang berdoa kepada aku, untuk Aku memperkenankan doanya ? Mana orang yang meminta kepada Aku, untuk Aku berikan kepadanya ? Mana orang yang memohon keampunan Ku, untuk Aku mengampuninya ? (Hadis Sahih No. 1145 riwayat Imam Al-Bukhari).

Credit to: inijalanku.wordpress

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I think it's hard to be a woman. I think women suffers more than men. I see my mum, she's a woman with a career, she works from 8.30am-6pm 5 days a week. Before she goes to work, she prepares breakfast for our family. During lunch hour she fetches us from school (this was when we were still in school) and she buys lunch for us, and then off she goes to work again. When she gets home after work in the evening, she prepares dinner for my dad and us. Not to forget the house chores, laundries etc. When she was doing her masters few years back, she stayed up until midnight to do her writing up. I was young about 11 or 12, I didn't understand her sufferings, my dad always taught us to help her with the chores, and my mum taught me how to cook simple dishes. Although I didn't understand why my dad told me to help ibu, but I just followed his orders. Although not much, but I tried to help her with the little things like doing the laundries and sweeping the floor.
My dad is very helpful, he helps her around the house, helps her cooking, he does the dishes and laundries, I am thankful for that. But he is a short-tempered man, when he gets mad, no one would say a word. When he shouts, all the family members can feel the shivers. But my mum, she's really cool even though he's gone really mad even my grandma was scared of him. When I was a kid, I didn't get it how could she stay so cool and never answer him back. She is very strong and a very cool woman I tell you. I know women's heart are very soft and sensitive, once they got their hearts bleed, they can heal, but the scars remain. And i know the same goes to my mum, only she keeps it in her heart.

As I grow older, I became to understand all the hardships and sufferings she went through. I wonder how did she handle her kids, her husband, her home and her work all at the same time for over 25 years and she could still stand straight and smile and laugh. Over the years, she had now achieve her PhD in mechanical engineering, and now got a good position in her faculty. To me she is a successful woman, mother, and wife, and she is the most amazing woman in the world.

I hope by reading the above story, you understand the hardships of women in their lives. Please treat them kindly, never hurt them, and do not say harsh words, because women keep everything in their hearts, both happiness and the scars of sadness.

p/s I treasure my mum the most.

Below is a story I extracted from a website; Ketika Tuhan Bicara Tentang Wanita.

Ketika Tuhan menciptakan wanita, DIA lembur pada hari ke-enam. Malaikat datang dan bertanya,” Mengapa begitu lama, Tuhan?”
Tuhan menjawab: “Sudahkan engkau lihat semua detail yang saya buat untuk menciptakan mereka?”

” 2 Tangan ini harus bisa dibersihkan, tetapi bahannya bukan dari plastik. Setidaknya terdiri dari 200 bagian yang bisa digerakkan dan berfungsi baik untuk segala jenis makanan. Mampu menjaga banyak anak saat yang bersamaan. Punya pelukan yang dapat menyembuhkan sakit hati dan keterpurukan , dan semua dilakukannya cukup dengan dua tangan ini ”

Malaikat itu takjub.
“Hanya dengan dua tangan?….impossible!”
itu model standard?!
” Sudahlah TUHAN, cukup dulu untuk hari ini, besok kita lanjutkan lagi untuk menyempurnakannya”.

” Oh.. Tidak, SAYA akan menyelesaikan ciptaan ini, karena ini adalah ciptaan favorit SAYA” .
” O yah Dia juga akan mampu menyembuhkan dirinya sendiri, dan bisa bekerja 18 jam sehari ” .

Malaikat mendekat dan mengamati bentuk wanita-ciptaan TUHAN itu.
“Tapi ENGKAU membuatnya begitu lembut TUHAN ? ”
” Yah.. SAYA membuatnya lembut. Tapi ENGKAU belum bisa bayangkan kekuatan yang SAYA berikan agar mereka dapat mengatasi banyak hal yang luar biasa. ”

” Dia bisa berpikir?” , tanya malaikat.
menjawab:” Tidak hanya berpikir, dia mampu bernegosiasi.”

TUHAN, ENGKAU buat ciptaan ini kelihatan lelah & rapuh! Seolah terlalu banyak beban baginya. ”
” Itu bukan lelah atau rapuh….itu air mata” , koreksi TUHAN
“Untuk apa? ” , tanya malaikat

TUHAN melanjutkan:”Air mata adalah salah satu cara dia mengekspresikan kegembiraan, kegalauan, cinta, kesepian, penderitaan dan kebanggaan. ”
“Luar biasa, ENGKAU jenius TUHAN ” kata malaikat.
“ENGKAU memikirkan segala sesuatunya, wanita-ciptaanMU ini akan sungguh menakjubkan!”

Ya mestii !
Wanita ini akan mempunyai kekuatan mempesona laki-laki. Dia dapat mengatasi beban bahkan melebihi laki-laki.
dia mampu menyimpan kebahagiaan dan pendapatnya sendiri.
dia mampu tersenyum bahkan saat hatinya menjerit.
Mampu menyanyi saat menangis, menangis saat terharu, bahkan tertawa saat ketakutan.
dia berkorban demi orang yang dicintainya.
Mampu berdiri melawan ketidakadilan.
dia tidak menolak kalau melihat yang lebih baik.
dia menerjunkan dirinya untuk keluarganya. Dia membawa temannya yang sakit untuk berobat.
Cintanya tanpa syarat.
dia menangis saat melihat anaknya adalah pemenang.
dia girang dan bersorak saat melihat kawannya tertawa .
dia begitu bahagia mendengar kelahiran.
Hatinya begitu sedih mendengar berita sakit dan kematian.
Tetapi dia selalu punya kekuatan untuk mengatasi hidup.
dia tahu bahwa sebuah ciuman dan pelukan dapat menyembuhkan luka.

Hanya ada satu hal yang kurang dari wanita: Dia lupa betapa berharganya dia …

Saturday, 25 June 2011

sleeping problem.

I can hardly sleep almost every night. This is annoying me like I lay down for more than an hour, tapi tak boleh tidur jugak. I don't know why but I think it's because I worry too much before I sleep. I think about everything tapi yang paling selalu bermain di fikiran aku sebelum tidur termasuklah;

- pencuri (ini aku fobia sebab rumah sewa aku kat shah alam pernah kena pecah masuk pencuri waktu semua org tgh tidur, tambah2 lagi bila kt rumah JB ni makin banyak pulak kes rompak n kecurian. hampir setiap minggu ada je kes, jadi setiap malam aku takut nak tidur, dengar bunyi sikit je aku bangun check,pastu baru nak terlelap terdengar bunyi lg, bangun lg.)

- masalah minda. (Kadang2 masa tengah baring2 tu aku akan teringat perkara2 yang lama, samada perkara yang membahagiakan atau yang menyedihkan.. kalau teringat perkara2 yang best mesti aku tidur dalam senyum, tapi kalu teringat perkara2 yang tak best, aku boleh end up menangis n in the end tak boleh tido, boring betul.. penat tau mcm ni.)

- ghosts. (Aku taknak cerita panjang2 sebab skrg pun dah pukul 3am, jd mcm tak seronok je kalu nak cerita)

- study. (Ini termasuk lah project assignment yang terlalu banyak, lecturer yang i'm not that happy with, etc etc. Selalunya berlaku waktu pertengahan atau hujung semester. Oh, termasuklah hal duit -how much have i spent? how much more can i spend until the end of this semester? are there any other ways that i can save more money? dan yg sewaktu dengannya).

- bila aku rindu glasgow... (bila aku teringat kehidupan harian aku di sana, sekolah aku, rumah kat daisy street.. aku jadi tak boleh tidur. Lepastu aku akan bangun, on laptop, and tengok gambar2 lama. And then i'll promise myself that I'll go back there someday, it's like my hometown now. I've spent 1/3 of my life in glasgow)

Okay I may stop here and try to get myself back to sleep. Goodnight.

Friday, 24 June 2011

How do I stop myself from looking really stupid that everything I say, everything I do are so stupid that I cannot satisfy people.

I'm Addicted to lalat.

Cuti semester ni, hobi aku adalah - membunuh lalat. Aku suka bantai lalat sampai mati, bila tgk banyak lalat bergelimpangan, hati terasa puas dan riang. Bagaimana pula dengan anda? Apakah hobi anda di waktu lapang cuti2 semester ni?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Getting to know myself

Kalu nak baca, baca. Kalu taknak, takyah. Aku sesaje je tulis sbb taktau nk buat apa, tak boleh tido.

1. Aku tidak minat melukis, tapi aku ada bakat dalam melukis. Macam mana tu? Aku pun taktau. Tapi disebabkan galakan yang diberikan oleh ibu dan orang2 sekeliling aku jadi aku pun ambik lah bidang seni, walaupun sebenarnya aku takda lah minat seni sangat, aku lagi minat tentang kaji bumi. Jadi currently I'm doing Textile Design for my degree. Dulu masa kat UK aku buat painting tp bila balik malaysia i didn't have the guts to do painting for my major course, susah nak cari duit kot! sekarang aku join exhibition mana2 kat malaysia ni pun susah nak dapat sale. So i decided to do textile well at least I can produce products, orang malaysia kan minat kain baju cantik2 (macam aku juge le tu)

2. Aku seorang yang sangat pendiam, aku tak pandai bertutur kata.. kalau disuruh berdebat mst awal2 lagi aku dah kalah. Tapi aku suka mendengar, aku suka perhatikn orang, perhati sekeliling, aku rasa mendiamkan diri itu lagi banyak faedahnya dari banyak berkata2, sebab itu lah suara2 aku banyak simpan di dalam hati dari diluahkan di mulut. Lagi selamat kan macam tu? Kalau orang bercerita aku diam, orang marah pun aku diam... senang bukan? Tapi aku tau, ini sangat membosankan.. orang yang pendiam sangat membosankan, tapi orang yang pendiam ni lah yang biasanya akan terselamat dari segala macam perkara yang tidak baik (seperti dosa mengumpat, mengutuk, fitnah mulut).

3. Aku sentiasa lewat. Tido lewat, bangun tido lewat, pergi kelas lewat, pergi dating pun lewat.. segalanya lewat! Mungkin sebab aku terlalu rileks sampai semuanya nak buat last minit, lepastu jadinya lewat lah!

4. Aku pemalas. Nak tido malas, nak bangun tido malas, nak makan malas, nak buat assignment malas, nak update blog apatah lagi! tengokla berapa kerat je blog post aku since berapa tahun yg dulu. Aku rasa sebab aku rileks sangat sampai malas. Jadi the problem i'm facing is -terlalu rileks!

5. Aku suka duduk rumah. Aku jarang keluar, jarang hang out dengan kawan2, sbb bila kat rumah aku boleh rileks (rileks lagi), boleh online, boleh tido, senang hati je sepanjang hari, duit pun bnyak save. Kalu keluar mst nak makan la, nak bayar transport la.. Aku biasanya akan keluar bila syafiq ajak keluar je.. Biasanya seminggu sekali atau dua kali. Jadi masa tu je lah aku hang out.. Tapi aku suka travel. Sangat suka travel, pergi tempat2 yang aku tak pernah sampai lagi and explore new places, and getting to know their culture. Lagi Seronok mcm tu dari spend too much on shopping baju, kasut, wayang, new gadgets..bagi aku la.

Oklah dah malas lah nak type lagi.. (see aku ni mmg la pemalas orangnye). Dah azan subuh pun, nak solat.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

2nd anniversary

It's me and Syafiq's 2nd year anniversary. omg how time flies! rasanya baru minggu lepas bersua muka dgn dia utk pertama kali kat glasgow airport and now sekejap aje dah 2 tahun. sekejap nye! rasa mcm baru je mula bercinta hihihi..

We had our pre-celebration last week cz I had to go back to JB the day after. We had a very nice lunch at Kenny Rogers, and suddenly Syafiq handed me a pink envelope.. it was a card.. awwh sweet gila, aku jd terharu sangat sampai menitik2 air mata :') Aku pulak masa tu tak sediakan any gifts or cards utk dia sbb tak sempat nak beli, rasa guilty pulak :( tk romantik langsung aku ni. but before we got back, I quickly think of something and suddenly *poof* I got an idea and bought him a box of famous amos cookies.. sebenarnya dh lama aku nak belikan dia cookies ni sbb aku tau dia suka, jadi hari tu pun aku beli kan hee :)

lepastu ktrg pergi tgk wayang, cite X-men, then solat, lepastu pergi minum ice blog sambil duduk2 depan giant sek7..walaupun dpn giant aje tp tetap sweet, hiks! :)

after maghrib, syafiq and raihan helped me to move my things to kajang, hntr ke rumah syafiq sbb aku nak pindah rumah tp tkda rumah lg jd syafiq bg tumpang kn barang kt rumah dia.. baik kan! :) heee kesian mereka susah2 tolong angkat barang masuk kereta, banyak pulak tu.. and kesian syafiq aku selalu menyusahkan dia, dia baik sangat dah tolong mcm2.. someday I wanna give him a really good treat, insyaAllah :)

sekarang ni baru seminggu tak jumpa tp rasa mcm dah sebulan :'( lambatnya masa berjalan..

Monday, 6 June 2011

what will happen tomorrow?
what will happen one year from now?
what will happen in 10 years time?

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dean's Award Ceremony

me and ayu after the ceremony.

I attended the Dean's Award Ceremony this morning, and I received a certificate and a wee present.
Unfortunately, I think I'm screwing up this semester, I got bad marks for most of my projects and course works.
I'm gonna make sure I ll score my papers.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I always dream of becoming a successful woman, I want to have a good economy, I want to travel around the globe and see the colourful and beautiful world. I wanna visit the outer space and see the whole universe, the moon, planets, and galaxies.
I wish to be a geologist and artist at the same time, I want to have my own gallery and a successful business like a boutique or something.
I want to dive into the sea and see the world under the ocean. I wish to see the deepest part of the sea and experience a miracle.
I want to experience having many friends and be famous, like a singer. Sometimes I dream of playing a guitar or a violin in front of many audience and everyone is listening to my music.
I sometimes wish that I am kind to everyone around me and never hurt anyone, and everyone is going to love me.
I also dream to be a beautiful woman, fair skin, smooth curl hair and slim. I wish to have my wardrobe full of nice clothes and dresses and expensive heels.
I wish I have met Michael Jackson in real and been in one of his concerts.
And I want to stay young forever.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

new semester

New semester had started a week ago. New house, new friends.
I wish I can do better than last semester, less lazy, less ponteng, and less complaints..... and less spending -_-"