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Thursday, 3 November 2011


My design proposals for textile got rejected by Puan Eliza today. I need to redesign them and see her again tomorrow afternoon.
She rejected my storyboard for the 1st project twice. Storyboard ke tiga baru dia proceed.

Sometimes lecturers are confusing, harini cakap lain, the next time cakap lain.
And some lecturers demand us to design how they want it to be designed, not how we- the designer, want it to be. Do you get what I mean? Basically we design things 'for the lecturer', not how we really want the designs to be. So we can't explore our own creativity, we need to follow the lecturer's 'style' and their own 'ideas'. Isn't this funny?

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phyca antares said...

haaaa!! tepat sekali. memang selalu macam ni la...artwork tu nanti cuma ada usaha kita tapi idea dari lecturer.maksudnya kita cuma bekerja, bukan berkarya.