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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

brief update

Hello guysss!!

I am now back in Shah Alam. Korea trip was awesome!!! We had a really really great time ever, and it has become one of my unforgettable memories. We traveled to the whole South Korea from North to South, East to West. From Hanyang University, to Dongguk University, Hyundai Heavy Industries to Korean Air Manufacturing, and to Mokpo Korea Polytechinc and we were given the chance to sail on the luxury Catanamaran Sailing for 1 hour for free!

the Catanamaran Yacht looks exactly like this

heading to Gyeongju, a very long long waltk passing through the countryside

Nami Island

beautiful korea

family portrait

10days trip was not enough, and I felt like I didn't want to come back to KL, I wanna spend more time there, more travel and more shopping.

So now new semester is on, i am currently in my 3rd semester. I am taking Footwear Design for my minor subject, and I am so excited to design my own shoes making me feel like as if I am Jimmy Choo.

I've moved to a new apartment, and it's a lot better than my previous house. I am staying with Syafiq's ex-schoolmate, thanks to him, he's the one who told me about this apartment.

Sorry for the very brief update and very few photos, more pictures can be seen on my facebook. Till then, Bye!

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