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Saturday, 17 March 2012

2nd week update.

I haven't updated my blog for awhile. I've been extremely busy with my uni. It's the 2nd week of my 4th semester, but I feel like I'm on my final week! I canceled all activities for the weekend, so basically there is no weekend for me. I was supposed to help syafiq with his wedding photo tomorrow, but due to my vast amount of assignments I had to cancel everything.

I spent RM75 for stupid photo printing today, my lecturer forced me to do so. She gave me tremendous amount of nonsense work to do in a week time which leads me to think that she is selfish and stupid to let her students to spend large amount of money on stupid printing; but thinking of how 'she' can affect my cgpa at the end of the semester, I thought just do whatever she tells me to do, as long as I ll get an A for her subject coz it's a 4 credit hour subject.
I spent hours cutting off all the printed pictures, there's about 100 sheets of paper, I nearly puked, seriously, no kidding. Still got half of them to be cut I am gonna continue tomorrow.
It's 3.45am at the moment, my head is spinning and I am getting sleepy. I hope I can get up early tomorrow so that I can start to continue my work early.

My resolution for this semester is not to procrastinate my works. Up till now I still keep my word. Hope it will lasts. Wish me luck.

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