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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Things coming up in April

2nd April : Exhibition; Holyrood Advanced Higher artworks
3rd April : Easter Break starts for 2 weeks, until the 19th.
17th or 18th April : I'm going to Dundee University to send away my portfolio (bbasya kina!)
20th April : I'm going to Manchester for Malay oral exam.

Today I received my unconditional offer letter for HND year 1 of Contemporary Art Practice at Anniesland College. Yipppeeeee!! :)


Anonymous said...

u dh list down kn sume nye..
lepas nie,
kalu u lupa gak,
xtaw la i nk ckp apa..
all the best ye nanti..
yg HND tue apa ?
i xtaw la..
tp,u dh yipppeeeee..
i pon,yippeeeeee gak la..

slurpppppppppppppppppppyyyyy !!

Kina said...

insyaAllah i x lupa
dh tampal note besar2 kt dinding bilik tu
hari2 pandang hehe..

HND tu higher diploma.
course tu 2 tahun.
kalu i wat HND kan..
nnt klu nk masuk degree i leh terus masuk 2nd atau 3rd year.

skrg ni, at least i dh confirm 1 tmpt study kt sini..

Anonymous said...

lepas nie,
yg tinggal ialah,
kumpul duet byk2..

Kina said...

money money money
duit i kt rock legeng dh bleh tahan byk tu

Anonymous said...

xabes2 rock lagends u tu..