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Friday, 6 February 2009

winter buzz

This week, is the coldest week in Britain since 1995.
but thankfully, tak seteruk masa 1995 (masa tu suhu -27C!)
Ibu was here during tht time, and she said not a single human in Glasgow went out from their houses, except her..and she wondered 'where's everyone?' hah, everyone was hibernating in their homes beside the heaters.
Now, Europe dilanda ribut salji yg teruk, sampai airport London kena tutup, jalan byk tutup, sekolah pun tutup (unfortunately, the schools in Glasgow are still on).
Although the snow has been falling since last Monday, aku still takde chance nak main snow kat luar.. :(

OK, takleh tulis pnjang2
nk kena tido..

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