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Saturday, 9 October 2010

my happy times and unhappy times

I feel very happy when:

- I finish my assignments on time
- it's sunny when I'm abt to dry my laundry
- I have cold drinks during a hot day
- I give presents to someone
- I speed on the road
- I score high marks on my works
- eating kfc chicken
- it's raining when I'm sleeping
- it's Saturday

I feel very unhappy when:

- I have to walk by foot from college to my faculty everyday when it's burning outside.
- my lecturers give massive amount of assignments and projects
- I'm hungry, and dont have any food and no one willing to accompany me to go to buy some food at seksyen2.
- I dont hve any choice but to use the toilets in my faculty, they really need to upgrade the toilets!
- I have to go to calligraphy class from 5-8pm every Thursday. It's my resting time, not study time.
- my maxis broadband has connection problems.
- it's Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

ooo patutla die drive keta sy laju2...hehe

kina said...

takde laju, selalu slow aje sy bawak keta awk.. hehe