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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

my apple crumble

At first, I thought I wanted to do strawberry crumble for buka puasa, but unfortunately I couldnt find any strawberries from the shop, so I decided to do apple crumble instead. Here are some 'in the making of my crumble' photos (look from below to top, I accidentally uploaded it the wrong way round) ;


kerja menabur2

kerja menggaul2

kerja menggoreng2


Ashin said...

pandainyeee die buat cake tu..ble la dpt rase

Kina said...

kalu sy buat, make sure awk habiskan ye..kekeke

Ashin said...

eh kalau awk buat mesti habis punye..igt tak mcm mane sy habiskan ayam masak kicap awk tu...hehe

Kina said...

hehe ingat2. masa tu sy buli awk letak banyak2..ingatkan awk x dpt habis, skali tengok2 habis jugak..
terharu jugak sy masa tu..hehe..