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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

boring tahap dewa

I'm lying on my bed, looking at the window..silau.sakit mata.
My tummy hurts, and my back hurts. sbb tgh meniarap.
I'm listening to Alif and Raihan chit chatting in the living room. I think they're playing video games. Oh yes, I just heard Raihan said 'tembak la!' and they're screaming like crazy.
Malam td aku beli Rainbow Peak and Chocolate Chip ice cream (both are from Paddlepop), rupanye chocolate chip lg sedap dari rainbow la..I shared them with Alif and Raihan..nanti sebelum balik uk nak beli choc chip lg.

I'd just surfed other blogs through my friends'..and I thought, how can I make myself rajin to update my blog from time to time like them? becoz usually I dont even know what to write about and my laziness is growing deeper and deeper everyday..arghhh
skrg ni pun..sbb dah bosan sgt stuck kat putrajaya, taktau nak buat apa, baru la nak update blog. ish.

Okay now i'm starting to get sleepy, becoz i only slept like 3 hrs last night, and i didnt go back to sleep after sahur..skrg mengantuk.
nak tido pulak.
btw, i only have 2 days left in Malaysia. Then I'll be leaving for Glasgow. Ish. Malasnye nak start kelas balik.

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