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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Back in Glasgow

Okay just a quick update.
I am now back in Glasgow. Gloomy Glasgow. It rains all the time.
Thankfully, we had no problem at the airport..But I was a bit worried coz I didnt know that I should bring my offer letter with me until I saw Rasika (my new friend from Thailand that I met on the plane) took out her offer letter from her bag to show it as a prove that she's a student to the immigration officer. Luckily, the officer that we had was a Pakistani lady, not a Scottish. If it was a Scottish, gerenti dia tak kasi lepas sampai dia nampak offer letter tu. Phew!

Me and abg were not fasting since we were travelling for a very long time (aduh, banyak hari la kena ganti puasa nnt). We bought some burgers from McD in Dubai, but I haven't ate it till now..I'm gonna have it tonight.It's a chicken burger.

Today I went to college to register and see Linda (she told me to wait outside, and I sat there for 1 hour until she came). She gave me my timetable (My classes are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only. weee!). Then she brought me to fill in my enrolement form. Then she told me to see Jennifer at Hatfield campus (aku da malas bila dengar kena pegi Hatfield) to discuss about fees payment. OK lepastu aku pegi Hatfield, jalan kaki sampai semput2 (sbb dah gemuk), naik bus dari bandar..blablabla..
I argued with Jennifer when she said I need to pay 5000pounds for the fees becoz I'm on a student visa. And I said, 'that's not fair, I've been staying here for nearly 5 years, and why am I not allowed to pay as a local student whilst last year I was allowed to?' Then she said, write to the college principal like I did last year about my condition and fees etc. kalau boleh dapat, dapat..kalau tak dpt, matila..

I met a Kazakhstan student at Hatfield. Jennifer introduced me to him. He asked me, 'are you 14? 17?' . I said, ' Im 19'. Mulut dia ternganga, he looked at me from head to toe. I said, 'I know I'm small' and then he laughed. He said 'I'm 19 too, but you're small, and I'm big. I even look like a grandfather.' He is big, 7 kaki ada kot. When I asked him about his fees, he said he only needs to pay 1000pounds, and he's only been here for 1 year something. Mana aci!

I miss Malaysia. I miss the hot weather. I miss Putrajaya. I miss Ampang. I miss kuih-kuih. I miss bazaar ramadhan. But above all, I miss him the most. Only now I know how it feels like to be lonely. I've never felt this way before. I need to keep myself busy (dah start busy pun, sbb dah ada assignment kena buat.Baru register dah ada kerja..and the due date is tomorrow!)


Ashin said...

If your lonely..i'm feeling lonely too..

Kina said...

then, i cant be lonely