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Thursday, 3 September 2009

my likes and dislikes

- I like cheesecakes, especially if they have choc chip cookies or anything chocolate in it..same goes to ice creams
- I hate strawberry ice cream.
- I like taking walks...if the weather is right.
- I like travelling..I love it when I travel to college for 45mins, lama-lama pun takpe. because travelling is relaxing.
- I am a poor time-keeper. selalu lambat. hari-hari, setiap kali mesti lambat.
- I really hate plucking bean sprouts. Sangat-sangat malas kalau kena buat.
- I like 'Megasale' or 'Summer Sale' or 'Winter Sale' or 'Raya Sale'. I like Primark and Carboot Sale. I am so thankful that they exist.
- I hate it when I need to walk from the bus stop at Jalan Ampang to No4 Jalan Halaman 14. Rasa mcm nak pengsan setiap kali jalan masuk dalam.
- I like chakoi and kuih bom.
- I hate a cashier called 'MAN' who works at 'SNACKS' or 'SNAX' or however they spell it near KLCC.
- I hate 'orang tua gatal'.
- I like KL at night, sbb banyak lampu warna warni.
- I like Emirates' perfume and hand lotion that they put in their toilets.

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