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Friday, 23 October 2009


Someone told me, experience is the best thing. It's the best teacher in your life. I agree with her. Sometimes just by watching other people is enough to teach me something.

This year, I've learned so many things. About improving myself, about friends, about love, about relationship with other people, about family, and about how hard it is to start moving further in life.

I am nearly 19. And when I reach 19, I want to remain 19 and don't want to get any older. 19 sounds really sweet. My mum got engaged with ayah when she was 19. Can you believe that?! I believe she was a matured girl when she was about my age. But me? I think I am nowhere near her.

I talked to some people today, and one of them said to me, 'of course we want the best for our lives, but things dont always go our way, and we have to accept that'. She was right. I am thankful with no matter what I have now.

Only a few days left before I leave for Malaysia. I have things planned in my head..I really can't wait! I'm counting days..tik tok tik tok..


Anak Johor said...

saya akan tunggu kepulangan tuan permaisuri!

Kina said...

eh jgn pggil tuan permaisuri lah..
anak johor ni siapa?

Anak Johor said...

mmm.. ok jangan mare.. Hamba akan tunggu kepulangan Tuan Puteri.. baru best kan...! Sayalah anak Johor awak bukan anak Johor ke?