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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Before I go

Things to do before I go back to Malaysia;

- Buy a rose fragrance (I really really really want this one.)
- Eat donner kebab, samosas, pastries, chips with cheese.
- Buy a new watch. It doesnt have to be expensive. I just would like to have one.
- Get Aero Mint and Doritos for Syafiq.
- Rent a car and go to the highlands (need to discuss for this one)
- Visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery and make sure I tour around the paintings area- complete.
- Send my paintings to Ian Watson.
- Go and see Mr Coyle, Mrs Mack and Mrs Wilson before I go.
- Oh I still haven't finished a portrait commission. aaahh!
- Sell my self-portrait to Mrs Mack. She has been waiting for me to sell it for 1 year!
- Teach ayah how to make any easy cooking dishes, probably telur dadar,or chicken soup. In case if someday he'll need to cook for himself.
- Teach Raihan any harder cooking dishes. She'll need to cook for ayah everyday after I'm gone.
- I wonder if I should get a HPV injection from my doctor?

Wah so many things to do! I only have about 2 weeks left in Glasgow. My ticket has been booked on the 27th Oct. Very soon eh. I am so excited to go back to Malaysia! But I feel kinda sad to leave Glasgow.. I feel like Glasgow is my home as well. I'm not sure whether I'll ever be here again. But when I think that someone is waiting for me in Malaysia, that really makes me happy and excited. It's like a dream. cant wait! :)

Malaysia here I come again!


Anak Johor said...

Kina.. awak dah habis study? dah berapa tahun di sana? Boleh saya jumpa di Malaysia nanti..

Ashin said...

jgn la sedih..bila2 pun awk boleh balik glasgow..ayah dgn raihan kan ade lg