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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Trying to get used to Malaysia again

I am now back in Skudai, honestly I've forgotten what it was like to live in this house. It's like I am living in a new place..now I am trying to get comfortable here and I still haven't finished exploring around. This 'Taman Pulai Utama' is such a mess, it's different from the original Taman Pulai Utama I knew a few years ago. It is now dirty, litters are everywhere, lalang also everywhere, not pretty like it used to be. I wonder what to do to make it nice and clean like it was before?

I didn't have enough sleep. I slept at around 3am, and I woke up before 6am, just like a wee nap. I bet I am going to be like a zombie after 12 o'clock.

I thought of eating cereal this morning, but then I remembered there was no fresh milk in the fridge. no more fresh milk for me everyday, not like I used to have. That's a bit disappointing. I haven't had powdered milk for years, so now Id have to learn to drink powdered milk again. So instead of eating cereal, I ate nasi lemak that abg bought. The sambal was so pedas, dah lama tak rasa pedas mcm tu. I loved it!

I was very happy to meet Syafiq at the airport. You know how I missed him so much, and last Wednesday, I got to see him in front of me, and watched him playing with Aisyah and Imran, eating, ordering food, talking, walking, smiling..I loved every single second while he was there. I was so happy I smiled at everyone who walked past me at the airport. Haha I'm so funny eh. I can't wait to see him again. Say all the best for his coming final exams! I wish for his success and may he achieve all the good grades. Amin.


Ashin said...

tenkiu sayang

Kina said...

1 paper lagi. jiayou! :)

Anak Johor said...

Dah balik Skudai? Alhamdulillah selamat sampai.. nanti saya nak jumpa awak.. mmm nanti saya cuba call dulu. Harap-harap sudi ye..

Kina said...

ni abg amy ek?

Kina said...

ni abg amy kan? hahaha nape tak bagitau awal2. ingatkan siapa la..hahah..sorry la sblum ni tak kenal, abg anas baru bgtau ni. abg amy datang la rumah..kak shikin dgn anak2 apa khabar? anak abg amy dh brape org?