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Sunday, 25 October 2009

My early days

I love looking over my old small drawings and resources. They bring back memories. I still remember my first day in Mr Coyle's class, it was April 2005, I was in 3rd year. I sat on my seat while watching other people doing their works, the room was full of drawings and paintings on the wall. I was extremely amazed by the quality of their works and I wish I was as good as them. One girl came to me, and she asked me "Can you draw like those?" and I said, "No, I've never done portraiture before" She kinda smirked at me, and I felt very low. But I smiled back at her, I was being very polite to everyone. She was Sonam, we became friends after that altho she smirked when we first met.

I still remember how excited I was when I was given my first task to draw a portrait. It was hard though, because Mr Coyle only said to me, 'draw exactly like in the picture' It was a picture of Stanley Spencer. He didn't give me any guide or tips or anything. He just gave me a picture, a paper, and a pencil and told me to copy it. And I worked really hard to draw it nicely. When I handed in my finished drawing, he looked at it but he didn't say anything, I thought maybe he didn't like it. Then he gave me another picture of Stanley Spencer with colours. I did it in chalk pastels. I didn't even know how to use chalk pastels properly. Mr Coyle didn't teach me anything. So most of the time, I learn everything by myself, or by looking at other people and how they did it. It was hard the first few weeks, but I had a good time and enjoyed doing my works.

I lost most of my drawings from 2005, I only have 2 or 3 left with me. Maybe they were thrown away by the school after summer break. I wish I had them with me, coz they're all memories of my early works before I got serious into arts.

When I met Mr Coyle last Friday, he said to me, 'I wish you were in 3rd year again'


Ashin said...

thanks mr coyle for taking care of my sayang

Kina said...

:) and I should thank him too..