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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

a few updates

Latest updates:

My exhibition at LA Bartenders in Glasgow last week went well, although we got a little panic a few days before it was held..alhamdulillah. Probably I'm gonna sell one painting to someone, I still have to wait for a confirmation from Ian. That was my 10th exhibition if I'm not mistaken. Fostering Art will be hooking up with the Shooting Gallery and the street art Recoat Gallery on the 22nd April for an auction.

Last year me and Ian were planning to have my solo exhibition in the summer this year. We are still planning, Ian still has to find a venue for me, and I am still working on a few paintings. I am pulling out my best to produce the best paintings I could do. I would be very3 much happy if this plan works, because currently Syafiq is in Nottingham until end of June. If it works, then I can go back to Glasgow, and meet him. We met for the 1st time in Glasgow 1 year ago during summer, which was around this time, so if we're going to meet again in the summer, wouldn't that be sweet? :)

We went to UiTM Shah Alam last Friday to go to the registry office since we hadn't received any news from them, except "kami belum terima lagi surat permohonan cik" padahal dah hantar sebulan yg lepas. Dipendekkan cerita, after we met the officer and discussed, the officer told me to go for an interview on the next day (I was totally unprepared for any interviews! surat beranak pun tak bawak) But thankfully, the interview went good, alhamdulillah.. Now I only have to wait for an offer letter. I applied for a degree in Textile Design. They also told me that I can apply for a minor course, and I think I'm gonna take Painting/Fine Art as my minor subject. I wonder if that's like a double degree?

Ibu already bought a flight ticket from Singapore to Glasgow. Her flight is next week on the 26th April. She's going to have her PhD viva soon. Let's pray for her best :)And then she'll be coming home with ayah in June.

Thanks to Alyssa Monks for inspiring me to be a hard-working painter. I envy her paintings.



Ashin said...

cepat dtg! cepat dtg! hehe eh ibu stay smpi June? early June or end of June? Maybe you can come on June as well. You can stay with them..

Kina said...

early june, 1st june tak silap sy hehe. yelah, kalu ibu ada kt sana lg leh duk dgn dorg. eeiiit harap2 mnjadi