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Saturday, 21 November 2009


I am still waiting for at least a call from UK. Ibu called me twice this afternoon, but I didn't notice. Ish. I have something to talk to her.

I am in Putrajaya, busu is moving to Bukit Jalil and I am helping her out.

I had a really good time in KUIS although I got pissed with the pak guard and some of the college rules. I followed Jiha to her kelas bahasa arab and kelas Bahasa Melayu. Felt like I was back in Sekolah Menengah. haha. People said I was totally like a KUIS student because I attend classes, I go to the bazaar, I walk terkedek2 turun bawah basuh baju with a baldi in my hand. Jiha, Badariah (aka Bad), and Atiqah were really good to me. I owe them a really big 'thank you'. They said they wanna come to JB to visit me, and theyr asking me to make a cheesecake.

I'm sleepy.zzz

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