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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I miss Glasgow

I miss Glasgow, I miss the 70pence hot chocolate I used to buy every time in college, I miss their cheese pasta bake, I miss First Bus I used to get on them everyday and they'd take me wherever I wanted to go, I miss my winter boots I would be wearing them now if I were in Glasgow, I miss the pakistani groceries shops in Allison Street, I miss to listen to the Scottish people speaking in their accent especially the Glaswegian, I miss to watch the junkies everywhere, I miss to walk on the slippery frosty roads, I miss Asda, I miss Daisy Street, I miss home..

I need time get used to here..both Glasgow and Malaysia are very different, but they're both homes.

++++++ p/s
my new hobby: sapu rumah
new fav colour: purple
new lesson: how to make kerabu sotong n tomyam cool style- taught by wakman.


Anonymous said...

hahaha i'm using ur winter boots now.
skrg ni sgt la sejuk. smlm -3. tpi thanks to ur winter boots, i dnt hve cold feet for the whole day. eheeeeee

Kina said...

pakai kasut tu baik2..jgn pijak atas taik anjing.

Anonymous said...

taknak balik malaysia ke?