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Sunday, 9 November 2008

at last...!

Finally, after more than 3 yrs attending holyrood, competing with other art students eg sinead morris, natalia mazur, n other good holyrood artists, I'm selected to receive an award for art..lol...plus, for chemistry..hahaha that one was unexpected, coz I thought marry or marylene would receive tht award..there must be a mistake somewhere..hurm??

I read Imran's blog on friendster, he wrote about islam, politics and girls....but above all, i'm so jealous wth his english, and he seems very brainy and smart, n tht's becoz he reads plenty of books..(well now he's inspired me to read more books haha) mcm budak2.

erm..last thing is..
live life, forget the past, move on, work hard, be happy, find love, if u've found one, stick to the one, n enjoy~~~~ :)

1 comment:

kamarul said...

la,english u pon ok la..
ske je i dgr..

erm,best la tue dpt award byk2..