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Thursday, 21 August 2008

What a relief...=)

I woke up quite early this morning, had shower, and breakfast. 'Today, I'm going to settle all things', that was my 'aim' this morning.
I checked my email while waiting for ibu, there were a lot of emails from myspace. About 9.30am, we set off. It was cold outside, but I decided not to wear any socks, coz this is 'penghujung' summer, so I'm going to take this opportunity to wear like it's summer altho it's quite cold.

We bumped into ayah at Langside Rd, he was on his way home from work. We then continue walking to Victoria Rd. I saw there were some police at the other side, the road was blocked, maybe there was an accident. I dont care anyway.
We went to that shop where I was going to get a bus-pass-card, but they didnt have the £65 ones. The person said, we had to go to the whatever-transport-company is, so then I said 'okay'. We waited for bus 44 at the bus stop, and less than ten minutes later, I was already on the bus with ibu, heading for Glasgow University.

As we arrived at Glasgow Uni, I asked ibu about her officemate, Takeshi, whether she thinks he'd arrived or not, and she said he's always early. And oh..I could feel my cheeks turning red ^_^ I thought I wanna go straight to the library, but ibu thought it'd be better if I use the class room at her department, coz there would be no one in there. And I said 'okay'.

I studied english IELTS in that class room for approx 1hr and a half, and I wasn't happy with my reading result. Then ibu came from the lab, where she did some experiment, and we went to the library, to renew my IELTS books. After that, we went to that bus-transport-company thing to make my bus-pass-card.

Then we had to walk longgg way down the road to go to the bus stop, we waited for bus 42A, n then we went to Anniesland College. We had lunch first, coz we were starving. We had my favourite vegetarian dish from the canteen, pasta cheese with sliced potatoes. It tastes so good I tell you. We finished eating half and hour after that, and then I went upstairs to see Anne Hamilton to ask her if I could change my course from NC to NQ advanced, and it was easy, alhamdulillah..I returned the enrolement form and she gave me my new timetable. I looked at my new timetable..and oh my I have classes on Mondays..*sighh

We went to Salvation Army, a charity shop. We purchased so many clothing items. We spent about £25 on clothes and trousers. Then we went home. Tired and Sleepy. But I'm happy, coz I've changed my course, and renew the IELTS books...What a relief..=)

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