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Saturday, 27 March 2010

I am now a lady. haha

Some changes happened inside me I realise.. a different feeling..Each time I look at my pregnant friends, and see their babies, and when I look at the image of a baby in a mother's womb, I feel like I can't wait to have a baby too, I want to get pregnant too..I didn't realise when this happened, but I'm sure it's been quite some time but I kept it to myself, afraid of what people might gonna say. I think it's normal for a woman to have this feeling, since before this, I would have gotten really scared each time I think about pregnancy and delivering babies, but now I've changed..maybe because I've grown up to be a 'lady' now, jadi ciri2 wanita dah ada? hahaha..

But Jiha is with me, she cant wait to have babies too, so I'm not alone :)


Anak Johor said...

Wah! Nak jadi ibu mithali la nih.. satu kenyataan yang jujur dan ikhlas..
saya dah lama follow blog kina, bila nak follow blog saya.. www.johor.blogspot.com?

Kina said...

ha'ah, nak jadi ibu, nak mengandung..tgk kawan2 yg pregnant mcm bahagia je.. hehe tp yelah, kena sabar tunggu kawin dulu lah.
ni abg amy kan, bila nk dtg rumah ni
adik ipar abg amy yg satu skolah ngn sakinah dulu buat apa skrg?