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Monday, 8 February 2010

Within 3 months:
Embah's bags were stolen by some Indian guy, and she lost RM1000
Ibu's purse was stolen, it happened in UTM.
One week after that, someone stole my mobile phone at KTM.

why is my country becoming such a dangerous place nowadays?


Ashin said...

syg tak update lansung pasal dompet ibu..hilang terus ye syg? eh bag embah hilang kat mane?

Harukichi said...

ha'ah. hilang terus. ada yg ckp dompet ibu tertinggal dalam kereta pstu org amik.
bag embah hilang kt rumah jb ni, org seluk tangan dri tingkap bilik dia. bkn sy pnah ckp kt awk ke :-?