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Monday, 22 December 2008

woww i'm surprised by me!

Rasa mcm tak percaya someday aku akan menari :)
I received my first dancing lesson today from Kak Ida Pratt.
It's for an upcoming performance during Global Village at Glasgow Uni..
so me and 6 others will represent Malaysia's 'joget' to other Glasgow's international students.

It was easy for the first few 'bunga', but then after another 'bunga' and then another 'bunga' and another, I got mixed up and confused..then mula rasa pening dan penat..but I didn't give up.
Tak kisah la if my steps were wrong or terrible, at least I tried.

This Christmas, we're planning for a ski trip...I'm not excited; I hate snowy mountains, coz I've been to these kind of places before and I know how miserable it's going to be..I can't stand the cold on my hands and face, and it makes me hard to breathe. Other people might like snowy mountains, but not me. kalau takde snow takpe.

1 comment:

kamarul said...

u berjoget juga !
kalu i ada tgk u joget kn best..
mesti i sorak2 kt u..
all the best syg